In Depth: Africa

16 Oct 2017

UN Says Attacks on Schools on the Rise

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:35 AM EDT
12 Oct 2017

Kenya Bans Opposition Protests As Election Crisis Deepens

The Guardian. England. 03:55 PM EDT

Delays Over DR Congo’s Election Set to Fuel Tension

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:54 PM EDT
11 Oct 2017

Kenyan Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters

News 24. South Africa. 11:47 AM EDT

Italy Pressed on Libyan Migrant Returns

News 24. South Africa. 11:42 AM EDT

UN Urges Compromise in Divided Libya

News 24. South Africa. 11:39 AM EDT

Liberia Vote-Counting Continues as Runoff Election Likely

News 24. South Africa. 11:36 AM EDT

Ethiopia Devalues Currency by 15 Percent

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:33 AM EDT

Opposition Supporters' Protests Rock Kenya

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:31 AM EDT

African Union Calls for Peaceful Elections in Liberia

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:28 AM EDT
10 Oct 2017

Liberians Vote for President in High-Stakes Contest

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:49 PM EDT
6 Oct 2017

US State Department Spokesperson: On Elections in Kenya


Nigeria: Cooperation ‘Key’ to Defeating Boko Haram

The Guardian. Nigeria. 09:42 AM EDT

Thousands March in Second Day of Togo Protests

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:39 PM EDT

Zambia's Lungu Decries Relentless Corruption Claims

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:38 PM EDT

Africa Loses $60bn Annually: Report

News 24. South Africa. 03:38 PM EDT

UN: Islamist Attacks Surge in Mali

News 24. South Africa. 11:51 AM EDT