In Depth: Africa

15 Nov 2017

Zimbabwe: Statement from the Zimbabwe Defence Force

All Africa. Djibouti. 12:24 PM EST

The Human Cost of a Megacity: Forced Evictions of the Urban Poor in Lagos

Human Rights Watch. United States. 11:49 AM EST

Britain Urges No Violence in Zimbabwe

News 24. South Africa. 11:46 AM EST

Libya Coastguard Seeks More EU Aid to Beef Up Fleet

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:23 PM EST

Zimbabweans Panic Over Movement of Troops

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:22 PM EST

Uganda Opposition Supremo Besigye Arrested

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:22 PM EST
13 Nov 2017

UN Begins Evacuating Refugees from Libya to Niger

News 24. South Africa. 11:39 AM EST
9 Nov 2017

Embattled Former South Sudan Commander Seeks Asylum

Africa Review. Kenya. 03:39 PM EST

Ebonyi Chapter of APC Drums Support for Buhari

The Guardian. Nigeria. 03:38 PM EST
8 Nov 2017

Liberian President Says Democracy 'Under Assault'

News 24. South Africa. 11:33 AM EST

Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe Tipped for VP post

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:29 AM EST

African Union to Start Withdrawing Force from Somalia

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:26 AM EST

Fired Zimbabwe VP 'Blocked' from Leaving the Country

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:23 AM EST

Al-Shabaab Militants Execute Four Men for Spying

Africa Review. Kenya. 02:43 PM EST

Buhari Presents 2018 Budget to National Assembly

The Guardian. Nigeria. 02:41 PM EST
6 Nov 2017

1.25 Million Face Starvation in South Sudan

News 24. South Africa. 12:03 PM EST

Angola Expels Congolese Illegal Migrants

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:57 AM EST

African Leaders Commit to Fighting Malnutrition

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:54 AM EST
3 Nov 2017

Ivory Coast Inaugurates Huge China-Funded Dam

News 24. South Africa. 10:26 AM EDT

One Killed, Two Hurt in Morocco Tourist Town Shooting

News 24. South Africa. 10:19 AM EDT