In Depth: Asia Pacific

3 Aug 2018

Pompeo: US Committed to ASEAN Partnerships

The Straits Times. Singapore 12:28 PM EDT

Xi Jinping’s Policies Lead to Rare Discontent at Home

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 10:54 AM EDT

Climate Change Threatens US Strategic Relationships in Asia-Pacific

International Institute for Strategic Studies. UK 10:52 AM EDT

McCann: ‘Cambodia is Becoming a Chinese Province’

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong 10:51 AM EDT

Pompeo to Urge ASEAN Nations to Keep Pressure on North Korea

The Straits Times. Singapore 10:50 AM EDT
30 Jul 2018

SMH Editorial: Cambodia’s Election in Light of Growing Chinese Influence

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 11:46 AM EDT

ICAPP: No Major Faults with Cambodian Election

The Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia 11:43 AM EDT

Cambodia: ASEAN Conference Documents

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cambodia 11:43 AM EDT
27 Jul 2018

Pompeo on Crimea, North Korea, and NATO

US Department of State 11:15 AM EDT
25 Jul 2018

Duterte’s New War on Loitering Hits Philippine Poor

The Bangkok Post. Thailand 12:16 PM EDT

Japan Insists on US Return to TPP Over Bilateral Trade Agreement

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 11:20 AM EDT

CIA Expert: South China Sea the ‘Crimea of the East’

The China Post. Taiwan 11:19 AM EDT
20 Jul 2018

Energy and Financial Deals Struck Between UAE and China

The National. United Arab Emirates 11:07 AM EDT

Turkish Courts Deny Extradition of Australian Terror Target

The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia 11:04 AM EDT

VIDEO. China-Middle East, Closer Than Ever

The National. United Arab Emirates 12:13 PM EDT

US Trade War Tariffs Hit China’s Economy

Asia Times. Hong Kong 12:06 PM EDT
16 Jul 2018