In Depth: Diplomacy and Asia Pacific

31 Oct 2012

Superpower Symbiosis: The Russia-China Axis

China and Russia appear to have a cooperative relationship, but with competing energy and territorial interests in the mix, not to mention domestic instabilities, the future might not be so rosy.
27 Jun 2012

China and India Today: Diplomats Jostle, Militaries Prepare

The delicate and increasingly tense China-India rivalry is reflected in the countries’ military preparations, alliances, and diplomatic maneuvering with neighbors and world powers alike.
31 Oct 2012

Hedging Bets: Washington’s Pivot to India

The US-India partnership has expanded beyond “friendship” and trade to become “defining,” as China’s economic and military leverage looms larger in the region.
1 Mar 2011

Letter from the Editor: March/April 2011

Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington may have seemed bland, but it nonetheless felt like a watershed. As the US angles for a new tack with China, Richard Weitz tells how China’s neighbors have adjusted for Beijing’s mischief and Rafael Marques de Morais details China’s new imperialism in Angola. Plus, arms strategy veteran Richard Perle makes the argument against “Global Zero,” Victor Davis Hanson, James Traub, and others envision AfPak in 2020, Nile Gardiner assesses the special relationship, and more.
27 Feb 2013

Mapping North Korea’s Brutal Labor Camps

As North Korea’s systemic human rights abuses get a hearing at the UN, Curtis Melvin explains how he has used the latest satellite images of the country to report the expansion of the regime’s gruesome gulags.
30 Aug 2012

Tibet’s Transition: Will Washington Take a Stand?

Beijing sees the Dalai Lama succession as a way to seize more control in Tibet. Will the US help the country’s democracy in exile or remain focused on other concerns?
29 Apr 2013

Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims

History, if anything, undermines China’s claims to islands and reefs in the South China Sea—for the simple reason that past empires and kingdoms never exercised sovereignty.
1 Sep 2010

An Old, Old Story: Misreading Tet, Again

It seems the only thing the news media do better than misinterpret the Tet Offensive is misapply its lessons to our current wars.
1 Jul 2010

All Out: China Turns on the Charm

The Heritage Foundation's Helle C. Dale tells how the U.S. is struggling to keep up with China's massive promotional efforts around the world.
1 Jun 2008

Dear Mr. President ...

You will no doubt have been advised against adopting any view that seems or seeks to attribute all events to one single cause. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the absolutely central and consistent role played, in so many of our difficulties, by the People’s Republic of China ...
1 Sep 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again: Are We Repeating Vietnam?

Rufus Phillips watched Vietnam unfold from the beginning, serving there from 1954 to 1968. Now he's taking his perspective to Afghanistan, which he visited last year to aid with elections in Kabul.
20 Nov 2013

America the Generous

Some suggest US aid to the Philippines is an effort to diminish China's image after the authoritarian regime offered so little, but it’s also more typical of a democracy to value humanitarianism.
7 Jan 2013

Japan’s Values Diplomacy

In the face of a hostile and undemocratic China, Japan’s new prime minister is putting a premium on shared values, stressing ties with the US and reaching out to Australia and India.
26 Oct 2011

Did We Lose in Iraq? No, and Here’s Why.

this perfectly well. “To countries in the region,” Secretary of State Hillary ...

9 May 2013

Brazil’s WTO Win

After a diplomatic offensive, a Brazilian will lead the World Trade Organization owing to China and India's support. Besides Brazil's quest for a seat on the Security Council, what does this mean for the WTO?
20 Sep 2012

Conflict on Asia’s Horizon

China’s increasingly threatening rhetoric, backed by ongoing maritime incursions in neighboring waters, has raised concerns throughout the region—and in the US.
11 Apr 2013

What if North Korea is Serious?

Kim Jong Un's war-mongering theatrics are likely designed to extort aid from the West, as his father did before him. But what if this dictator really does go off the deep end?
21 May 2012

Should the US Ratify the UN Sea Treaty Because of China?

A recent White House effort to ratify the UN’s Law of the Sea treaty seems to miss an important point: when it comes to China, it’s the enforcement, not the rules, that really count.
12 Dec 2011

Washington Still Can’t Talk Honestly About China

It's time for Washington to talk honestly about its strategic efforts to curb Beijing's expansionism.
2 Dec 2011

India Cancels Talks with China

A recent kerfuffle over a Buddhist convention catches Beijing behaving badly in a tense season for its regional relations.
15 Nov 2011

Obama’s Fundamental Shift on China

A new Pacific trade deal, part of Washington's effort to squeeze Beijing, could curb decades of unrealistic US-China policy.
20 Jun 2011

Indian Military Delegation Now in China

On Sunday, an eight-member Indian military delegation arrived in China for a six-day visit to Beijing, Shanghai, and the Xinjiang region.

15 Aug 2016

EDITORIAL. ASEAN Needs to Find Its Voice

The Inquirer. Philippines. 02:21 PM EDT
3 Aug 2016

China’s Growing Influence in the Caribbean

Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses. India. 01:43 PM EDT
5 Jun 2012

Putin Travels to China for Regional Summit

The New York Times. 08:18 AM EDT
1 Aug 2011
13 Feb 2011
27 Oct 2010

ASEAN Leaders Push Forward With Summit Despite Regional Turbulence

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 08:00 PM EDT
6 Oct 2010
19 Apr 2010
7 Apr 2010