In Depth: Peace and Asia Pacific

31 Oct 2012

A Tilt Toward China? Australia Reconsiders Its American Ties

Since its publication in August, Hugh White’s “The China Choice” has churned up a controversial debate in Australia about the rise of Chinese power in the region and the wisdom of continued US ties.
30 Aug 2013

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

Forget global warming and peak oil—the looming wars of this century will be fought over water, that indispensable resource that democracies typically share but strongmen use as a weapon.
1 Jul 2011

Compromised: Henry Kissinger’s China Syndrome

In his latest book, the aging statesman can't help but ignore Beijing's brutal domestic policies, to the detriment of his other insights.

30 Mar 2012

Shielding Syria

is elsewhere. He prefers to subcontract Syria to regional states, even ...

5 Oct 2011

China and Russia, Parting Ways

as an efficient link between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.” Nobody ...

6 Jul 2009

The Real Quagmire in the Middle East

thing people here don’t understand is that it’s a hot region. It’s an emotionally hot region. Israel, too. The amount of yelling in Israel over things ...

18 Jun 2013

The Rise of Emerging Asia: Regional Peace and Global Security

Peterson Institute for International Economics. United States. 10:01 AM EDT
3 Jul 2012
1 Aug 2011
10 Aug 2010

OPINION. Japan’s Kan on Right Track to Keep Regional Peace

Zhang Lili. China Daily. 08:00 PM EDT