In Depth: Trade and Asia Pacific

3 Jan 2012

The Dash for Gas: The Golden Age of an Energy Game-Changer

The natural gas market has blossomed in recent years, offering some countries the potential for greater energy independence and setting up a new set of global winners and losers.
24 May 2013

Latin America Seizes the Asian Century

Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile's newly founded Pacific Alliance has quickly established itself as Latin America’s alternative to the Mercosur trading bloc's statist economic policies.
31 Dec 2012

India Looks East

Thanks to its aggressive behavior on trade and territorial issues, China has pushed India and the nations of Southeast Asia right into each other’s arms. But Beijing is still angling for leverage.
19 Apr 2012

Confrontation in the South China Sea

Beijing’s latest territorial aggression in the South China Sea has raised tensions with the Philippines just as the archipelago nation begins a joint military exercise with the US.
19 Feb 2015

Hong Kong Protests Traders from China

Protesters are tussling with police again in Hong Kong, ostensibly over the issue of Chinese “parallel traders.” But is it also a revival of last fall’s “Umbrella Revolution”?
9 May 2013

Brazil’s WTO Win

After a diplomatic offensive, a Brazilian will lead the World Trade Organization owing to China and India's support. Besides Brazil's quest for a seat on the Security Council, what does this mean for the WTO?
7 Mar 2012

How a Growing Gulf found Booming Africa

Science Monitor on how these two regions have "found" one ...

21 May 2012

Should the US Ratify the UN Sea Treaty Because of China?

A recent White House effort to ratify the UN’s Law of the Sea treaty seems to miss an important point: when it comes to China, it’s the enforcement, not the rules, that really count.
15 Nov 2011

Obama’s Fundamental Shift on China

A new Pacific trade deal, part of Washington's effort to squeeze Beijing, could curb decades of unrealistic US-China policy.
15 Aug 2012

Reforms in North Korea's Future?

North Korea’s young leader might be attempting economic reforms, but decades of inflexibility have made genuine transformation virtually impossible.