In Depth: Asia Pacific

31 Jan 2010

An 'EU-Style' Asian Community? A Few Naïve Perceptions

Lowy Institute. Australia. LECTURE. 07:00 PM EST

The Mekong: River Under Threat

Lowy Institute. Australia. ESSAY. 07:00 PM EST

Toward a Nuclear Weapons Free World

Lowy Institute. Australia. REPORT. 07:00 PM EST

G-Economy, Back to the Future

Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. Malaysia. OPINION. 07:00 PM EST

N Korean Embassies Told to Prepare for Leadership Change

JoongAng Daily. South Korea. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Bad Time for Tension in US-China Relations

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi. Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

Beijing Threatens to Sanction US Companies

China Daily. 07:00 PM EST

Negotiations over Price Continue with US-Taiwan Arms Deal

The China Post. Taiwan. 07:00 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Obama Losing Control of Iran Policy to Congress

Ali Gharib. Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

Ethiopia, China Pledge to Boost Ties, Cooperation


India Worries as China Builds Ports in South Asia

The New York Times. 07:00 PM EST

India Rethinks Reliance on China in Power Sector

The Wall Street Journal. 07:00 PM EST

French UN Envoy: Chinese Cooperation Necessary Before Any Iran Sanctions

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST
30 Jan 2010

N Korea Fires More Shots


Clinton Warns China on Iran Sanctions

The New York Times 07:00 PM EST

China, Turkey Eye Stronger Political, Economic Ties

27 Jan 2010

OPINION. Both Koreas Should Stop War of Nerves

The Korea Times. South Korea. 07:00 PM EST

BLOG. China’s Foreign Ministry Responds to Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Sky Canaves. China Real Time Report/The Wall Street Journal. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Dalai Lama-China News Blackout on Talks Positive Sign for Prospects

Francesco Sisci. Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Iran May Purge Former President Rafsanjani

Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

Declinism and Blissful Ignorance

Ivan Krastev's blog Is the West in decline? Honestly speaking, I do not know. But what I find totally fascinating are the different ways that the United States, the European Union, and Japan discuss and react to the very prospect of decline. Late ...

Mr. President, Reject America’s Decline

James Kirchick's blog When President Obama addresses the nation from the well of the House of Representatives tonight, he will face a country weary of economic distress and pessimistic about America’s place in the world. According to an NBC- Wall ...

26 Jan 2010

Don't Sacrifice Australia-Japan Relations Over Whaling

Lowy Institute. Australia. OPINION. 07:00 PM EST
23 Jan 2010

Propaganda and Profit

Martha Bayles's blog The Chinese government just did what some Americans would like to do: pull the plug on Avatar and replace it with more patriotic fare. Only in China, “patriotic” means a state-sponsored biopic of Confucius, currently under ...

19 Jan 2010