In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

21 Feb 2018

British Foreign Secretary: Uniting for Great Brexit

Government of the United Kingdom. 04:46 PM EST

Peru Becomes An Investment Hub for Europe

Andina. Peru. 03:13 PM EST

The World is at the Brink -- And the West Doesn't Know What to Do About It

German Council on Foreign Relations 02:49 PM EST

EU Urges Belarus To Undertake 'Serious' Electoral Reform

Radio Free Europe. Multiple. 02:56 PM EST

Russia Says 'Several Dozen' Wounded In Clash With US-Led Forces In Syria

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 02:55 PM EST

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen to Share Stage with US Conservatives

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 02:53 PM EST

EU Prepares Response to Possible US Tariffs

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 02:44 PM EST

OPINION. Is This the End of Germany's SPD?

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 02:40 PM EST

EU Skepticism of Albanian Interference in Serbia

Eurasia Review. Spain. 02:37 PM EST

OPINION. The Anxious Euphoria of Davos.

El Pais. Spain. 02:27 PM EST

New French Migrant Law Faces Debate in Parliament

Radio France Internationale. 02:13 PM EST

Three Arrested in France for Barcelona Attacks

Radio France Internationale. 02:10 PM EST

Turkey Speeds Up Trans-Anatolian Pipeline to the EU

New Europe. Beligum. 02:02 PM EST
19 Feb 2018

The Russian Attack Against America You Didn’t Hear About

Michael J. Totten's blog You probably didn’t hear this because few media organizations have even mentioned it, but Russia committed an act of war against the United States a little more than a week ago. No, this is not about more social media and ...

British PM: We Must Safeguard Our Internal and External Security

Government of the United Kingdom. 05:57 PM EST

A New Beginning for European Defense

European Council on Foreign Affairs. Multiple. 05:39 PM EST

Macron's Migrant Law Faces Rough Ride in Parliament

The Gulf Times. Qatar. 12:47 PM EST

Turkey Welcomes Syrian Forces Entering Afrin Region

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:30 PM EST

Measles Cases Soaring in Europe, WHO Warns

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:06 PM EST
16 Feb 2018

The Southern Front Line: EU Counter-Terrorism Cooperation with Tunisia and Morocco

European Council on Foreign Affairs. Multiple. 04:54 PM EST

The southern front line: EU counter-terrorism cooperation with Tunisia and Morocco

European Council on Foreign Affairs. Multiple. 02:59 PM EST