In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

16 Aug 2017

The August Vote That Changed Russia’s History

If the Russian parliament of August 1999 hadn’t been preoccupied with meaningless political sparring, they might have been less careless in their vote to approve Vladimir Putin as prime minister.
15 Aug 2017

For Macron, Security Holds the Key to Eurozone Reform

Chatham House. England. 09:56 AM EDT

UK Releases Position Papers on Key Brexit Issues

Financial Times. England. 09:35 AM EDT
14 Aug 2017

Approaching Libya: Divergent French and Italian Strategies

Instituto Affari Internazionali. Italy. 05:17 PM EDT

A Security Guarantee is Macron's Key for Eurozone Reform

Chatham House. United Kingdom. 05:16 PM EDT

UK Congratulates Uhuru Kenyatta on Reelection

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 05:04 PM EDT

Russia Delivers Two AN-26 Cargo Aircraft to Kyrgyzstan

Kabar News Agency. Kyrgyzstan. 01:31 PM EDT

US to Give Estonia Two M-28 Transport Aircraft

The Baltic Times. Latvia. 01:29 PM EDT

Turkey Arrests 35 Journalists, Claiming Terror Connection

Independent Balkan News Agency. Greece. 01:03 PM EDT

Turkey Speaks Out against EU's Russia Sanctions

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 12:51 PM EDT

Turkey Beefs Up Security on Border with Syria

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 12:49 PM EDT

France Passes Law Cleaning Up Politics

France 24. 12:46 PM EDT

UK Comes Under Criticism for Arms Sales to Venezuela

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 12:37 PM EDT

Germany’s New Power of the Purse

European Council on Foreign Relations. England. 11:08 AM EDT

Vladimir Putin's Russia Goes Global

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 11:08 AM EDT
10 Aug 2017

Only a Comprehensive Approach Will Solve Europe’s Migration Crisis

The European Union must cooperate on border strategies, but also strategies to reduce the deprivation, corruption, and fear that’s driving the migrants to Europe.

France, Germany to Seek Higher Taxes from Tech Giants

The Hill. United States. 02:16 PM EDT

Empowering Refugees in Times of Crisis

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 11:27 AM EDT

Scotland Seeks Greater Autonomy After Brexit

The Guardian. England. 10:20 AM EDT
9 Aug 2017

OPINION. After German Elections, Expect Merkel's Russia Stance to Soften

Leonid Bershidsky. Bloomberg. United States. 03:07 PM EDT