In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

16 Oct 2017

UK Foreign Ministry: Foreign Secretary Johnson to Visit Moscow

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:59 PM EDT

EU Seeks to Impress Artic Allies in Iceland

Euro Observer. Belguim. 11:30 AM EDT

OPINION. In Austria, the Problem is Not the Far Right Party

Farid Hafez. Al Jazeera. 11:27 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Military History Provides Traditional Dilemma for German Army

Steven Beardsley. Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:55 AM EDT

Czech Election Stalemate on Joining Euro

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:53 AM EDT

Antonio Tajani Said to Eye Return to Italian Politics

Politico Europe. Belgium. 10:52 AM EDT

Policy Torture and Abductions in Turkey

Human Rights Watch. United States. 09:34 AM EDT
12 Oct 2017

Germany Extends Passport Controls At Austrian Border

Channel NewsAsia. Singapore. 02:57 PM EDT

Brexit 'Deadlock' Prevents Move to Trade Negotiations

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:41 AM EDT

UK Government Allocates Parliament Time to Restore Stormont Government

Belfast Telegraph. Northern Ireland. 11:34 AM EDT

View From The Capitals: How To Constrain Populism In Germany

European Council On Foreign Relations. England. 10:29 AM EDT

The Dangers of Rushing to a Nuclear-Free World

Brookings Institution. United States. 10:28 AM EDT

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On Iran Nuclear Deal

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:29 PM EDT

EU Invites ‘Last Dictator’ to Brussels Summit

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:59 AM EDT
10 Oct 2017

Turkish Market Crumbles as Erdogan Overreaches

Asia Times. Hong Kong. 05:41 PM EDT

OPINION. Can the Center Hold in Central Europe?

Daibor Rohac. EU Observer. Belgium. 12:01 PM EDT

Migrant Smuggling Tops EU Crime Policy Priorities

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:00 PM EDT

Turkish PM Yıldırım Slams US Visa Measures, Questions Relations

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:59 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. EU Divisions on The Eastern Front

Lili Bayer. Politico Europe. Belgium. 11:58 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Independence Declaration in Catalonia – And Now What?

David Alandete. El Pais. Spain. 11:58 AM EDT

OPINION. 'I Prefer to Go into The Abyss': Catalonia Stands on The Brink of Independence

Jose Miguel Calatayud.New Satatesman. England. 11:55 AM EDT
9 Oct 2017

Turkey: Opposition Party Slams US Move to Suspend Visa

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 09:33 AM EDT