In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

23 Jun 2017

Moscow Cuts Assistance to South Ossetia

Civil Georgia. 10:58 AM EDT

The Future of Europe: Comparing Public and Elite Attitudes

Chatham House. England. 10:51 AM EDT
22 Jun 2017

Second Group of Turkish Troops Arrive in Qatar

Anadolu News Agency. Turkey. 01:51 PM EDT

The Great Unravelling: Four Doomsday Scenarios for Europe’s Russia Policy

European Council on Foreign Relations. England. 12:05 PM EDT

German Deportations to Afghanistan to Resume Next Week

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 10:40 AM EDT
21 Jun 2017

Mediterranean Challenges to China's 'One Belt, One Road'

European Council on Foreign Relations. United Kingdom. 03:54 PM EDT

Hungarian High Court Prohibits Police from Disrupting Protests

The Budapest Beacon. United States. 01:37 PM EDT

Bulgaria, Macedonia to Sign 'Good Neighborhood Treaty'

Novinite.com. Bulgaria. 01:35 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Putin's New Hardline Balkan Strategy

Politico EU. Belgium. 01:31 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. EU Summit Anticipates Franco-German Revival

EU Observer. Belgium. 01:28 PM EDT

Responding to Sanctions, Russia Cancels Meeting with US Diplomat

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. 12:54 PM EDT

Belarus, EU Working on Readmission Agreement

Belarusian Telegraph Agency. 10:20 AM EDT

US Expands Russia Sanctions, Coinciding with Poroshenko Visit

Transitions Online. Czech Republic. 10:17 AM EDT
20 Jun 2017

ANALYSIS. How Do America and Russia Avoid a War over Syria?

Nikolas Gvosdev. The National Interest. United States. 02:38 PM EDT

EU Enlargement Chief to Visit Turkey in July

Anadolu News Agency. Turkey. 02:23 PM EDT

Armed Russian Jet Buzzes US Plane Over Baltic Sea

The Hill. United States. 02:19 PM EDT

Turkey, Home to 2.9 Million Syrian Refugees

UN Ambassador Niki Haley has advocated a new approach to aid millions of refugees worldwide, but particularly Syrian refugees in Turkey.

US Policy Toward the South Caucasus: Take Three

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 12:27 PM EDT
19 Jun 2017

Sharpening Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool

Atlantic Council. United States. 03:59 PM EDT

Four Doomsday Scenarios for EU-Russia Relations

European Council on Foreign Relations. Germany. 03:57 PM EDT