In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

7 Dec 2017

Two EU States Break Ranks on Jerusalem

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:06 AM EST

Commission Takes Orban's Hungary to Court

EU Observer. Belgium. 11:05 AM EST

HDP Co-Chair Demirtaş’s First Hearing Begins in His Absence

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:04 AM EST
6 Dec 2017

US Sec of State Tillerson: The US Affirms Its Support for NATO's Mission

United States. PRESS CONFERENCE. 12:08 PM EST

Malta Charges Three With Journalist's Murder

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:25 AM EST

Babis Appointed Czech Premier

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:23 AM EST

Commission Wants More Centralized Eurozone by 2019

Euro Observer. Belgium. 11:21 AM EST
5 Dec 2017

A Proxy for the Kremlin: The Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church has become a valuable soft power tool in the Kremlin’s strategy to exploit divisions and dismantle European and transatlantic ties.

In Brussels, Tillerson Offers EU Strong US Support

Euro News. Belgium. 12:24 PM EST

EU Commission's Bailout Fund Proposal Riles Member States

Financial Times. England. 12:11 PM EST

Erdoğan Warns Trump: Jerusalem Is Muslims’ Red Line

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 10:49 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Suddenly, Digital Single Market Doesn't 'Need' EU Agency

Peter Teffer. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:45 AM EST

Centeno: Eurogroup Picks Southern Head

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:44 AM EST
4 Dec 2017

A National Reconciliation According to Putin

Wilson Center. United States. 02:43 PM EST

10 Arrested Over Suspected Links to Murder of Maltese Journalist

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:54 AM EST

Catalan's Deposed Vice-President to Contest Election From Prison

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:53 AM EST

Dutch PM: Irish Border is 'Crucial' for EU

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST

Rich Russians Fret Over US Sanctions Label

Bloomberg. United States. 09:49 AM EST

Explosives Found In Package Near German Christmas Market

The Guardian. England. 12:05 PM EST

Donald Trump's Far-Right Twitter Posts Spark Outrage in UK

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:53 AM EST

UK MPs Warn Post-Brexit Irish Border Checks Inevitable

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:45 AM EST
30 Nov 2017

Russia and Egypt Move Toward Deal on Air Bases

New York Times. 03:51 PM EST

Russia, Egypt in Talks to Sign Airbase Deal

The Moscow Times. Russia. 11:52 AM EST

ANALYSIS. The Poisoned General

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 11:51 AM EST