In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

Russia and Egypt Move Toward Deal on Air Bases

New York Times. 03:51 PM EST

Russia, Egypt in Talks to Sign Airbase Deal

The Moscow Times. Russia. 11:52 AM EST

ANALYSIS. The Poisoned General

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 11:51 AM EST

In Moscow, New Kyrgyz President Vows To 'Strengthen Strategic Partnership' With Russia

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 11:45 AM EST

Leaders to Avoid Estonian Asylum Plan At EU Summit

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST

OPINION. EU Must Push African Union on Rights Abuses

Dina Yazdani. EU Observer. Belgium. 10:49 AM EST

Erdoğan: Turkey Did Not Breach Iran Sanctions

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 10:39 AM EST

ANALYSIS. The Waning Power of Podemos And Its Leader Pablo Iglesias

Kiko Llaneras. El Pais. Spain. 10:39 AM EST

Kazakhstan Upbeat on Expanding Ties with Peru

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 12:57 PM EST

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On the Yemeni Humanitarian Crisis

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:06 PM EST

Turkey Issues Warrants for 360 People Amid ‘Gulen Army Unit’ Probe

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:03 AM EST

War Criminal Dies After Drinking Poison in UN Court

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:01 AM EST

Hungary-Serbia Railway Launched at China Summit

Euro Observer. Belgium. 10:00 AM EST

Irish Government Collapse Averted As Deputy PM Resigns

Politico. United States. 11:36 AM EST

OPINION. The EU Citizens Stuck in Limbo After the Brexit Vote

Pauline Bock. New Statesman. England. 09:54 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Turkey’s Dream of Becoming an Energy Center at Risk

Erdal Saglam. Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 09:54 AM EST

OPINION. The 'Soros Plan': What to Keep and What to Scrap

Vit Novotny. EU Observer. Belgium. 09:51 AM EST

China Vows More Investment in Eastern Europe At Summit

EU Observer. Belgium. 09:51 AM EST

EU Diplomats to Get Training On 'Fake News'

EU Observer. Belgium. 09:50 AM EST

Irish Government Collapse Averted as Deputy PM Resigns

The Guardian. England. 09:47 AM EST
27 Nov 2017

What Putin Isn’t Learning From His Role Model, Czar Alexander III

Vladimir Putin recently unveiled his eighth monument to Czar Alexander III, whose legacy demonstrates how rolling back democratic reforms can make democratic upheaval inevitable.

Romanians Protest Against Weakening of Anti-Corruption Powers

The Guardian. United Kingdom. 10:11 AM EST

Clock Ticks on Irish Snap Election

Reuters. 09:38 AM EST

French President Macron Departs on First Africa Trip

Radio France Internationale 09:35 AM EST