In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

New EU Privacy Rules to Benefit Facebook Users Globally

EU Observer. Belgium. 10:18 AM EDT

EU Considers Cutting Funding, Aid to Eastern Europe

Der Spiegel. Germany. 10:14 AM EDT

Preventing Escalation in the Baltics: A NATO Playbook

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 04:25 PM EDT

Trump’s Views on Trade Aren’t a Passing Fad

Hudson Institute. United States. 04:23 PM EDT

EU Stands Behind Russian Culpability in Skripral Poisoning

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 01:47 PM EDT

Europe and the Egyptian Election: Do Not Congratulate

European Council on Foreign Relations. Belgium. 03:59 PM EDT

Preventing the Balkanization of the Internet

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 03:57 PM EDT

Putin, Erdogan Launch Construction of Turkey's First Nuclear Power Plant

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 03:43 PM EDT

Council of Europe Warns of Labour Trafficking

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:30 PM EDT

Greece Receives Emergency EU Aid For Refugees

EU Observer. Belgium. 12:28 PM EDT

OPINION. How Russia-Gate Hurts American Democracy

The Washington Post. 11:50 AM EDT
2 Apr 2018

Iraq: Back to Square One

European Council on Foreign Affairs. Multiple. 12:56 PM EDT

French Workers to Take to Streets as Macron Plots Next Cuts

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:06 PM EDT

Opinion: European Anti-Semitism is Not Imported

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:05 PM EDT

Labour MP Launches #PayMeToo to Tackle Gender Pay Gap

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:04 PM EDT

Afghanistan Sets October Date For Parliamentary Elections

Eurasia Review. Spain. 12:00 PM EDT
30 Mar 2018

With Diplomat Expulsions, Trump Punches Russia Back — Yet Again

Hudson Institute. United States. 06:29 PM EDT

Montenegro Favors Relations with Cuba

Prensa Latina. Cuba. 04:42 PM EDT

Moroccan Terror Suspect Detained in Italy

Euronews. France. 01:22 PM EDT

Russia Expels Scores of Diplomats, Including Four Germans

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:52 PM EDT

France’s Macron Vows Support for Northern Syrians, Kurdish Militia

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:10 PM EDT
29 Mar 2018