In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

OPINION. Our Obsession with Brexit has Blinded Us to the Weakening of The West

Liam Byrne and Ian Kearns. New Statesman. England. 11:00 AM EDT
11 Sep 2017

ANALYSIS. The Silent Majority Opposed to Independence in Catalonia

Pablo Ordaz. El Pais. Spain. 12:22 PM EDT

Angela Merkel Poised to Win 4th Term as German Chancellor

Radio France Internationale. 12:21 PM EDT

‘Election Thriller’ Begins in Norway

Al Jazeera. 12:19 PM EDT
8 Sep 2017

Macron Outlines Vision for Reformed Europe

Radio France Internationale. France. 12:29 PM EDT

OPINION. Why Berlin Won’t Come to UK’s Rescue on Brexit

POLITICO Europe. Belgium. 12:27 PM EDT

Madrid Seeks to Block Catalonia Independence Bid

AFP Worldwide. France. 12:26 PM EDT

German MPs Visit Konya NATO Base in Turkey

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:25 PM EDT

EU Migrant Quotas: Hungary's Viktor Orban Vows to Fight On

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 12:24 PM EDT

China, Pakistan Take Swipes at Trump’s Afghan Policy

The Washington Post. 11:00 AM EDT
7 Sep 2017

Putin Says Tillerson ‘Fell in With Bad Company’

Bloomberg. United States. 03:06 PM EDT

OPINION. A Soft Brexit Would Shatter Trust in Politicians

Stephen Woolfe. CapX. England. 12:24 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Brexit’s Threat to Northern Ireland

Edward Burke. Chatham House. England. 12:20 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Does Turkey Benefit from Karabakh Conflict?

Gosan Godjaev. Eurasia Review. Spain. 12:18 PM EDT

Germany Prepares for Possible Russian Election Meddling

Spiegel Online. Germany. 12:14 PM EDT

Hungary MFA: Ukraine Has 'Stabbed Hungary in the Back'

6 Sep 2017

Trump Is ‘Not My Bride,’ Putin Says

New York Times. 02:36 PM EDT