In Depth: Europe and Central Asia

As Davos Summit Ends, Germany Opposes Bank Rescue Plan

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 07:00 PM EST

UK Labor Party Losing Power in Wales

Financial Times. UK. 07:00 PM EST

Over 100 Protesters Detained at Anti-Kremlin Rally

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Georgia’s Upcoming Life After Saakashvili

Matthew Colin. The Moscow Times. 07:00 PM EST
28 Jan 2010

China, Turkey Eye Stronger Political, Economic Ties


Liberian Progress Cited by N. European Delegation


Declinism and Blissful Ignorance

Ivan Krastev's blog Is the West in decline? Honestly speaking, I do not know. But what I find totally fascinating are the different ways that the United States, the European Union, and Japan discuss and react to the very prospect of decline. Late ...

Art and Peace

Ann Marlowe's blog As we worry about the recent uptick in terrorism threatening the United States, it’s worth spending a moment on a connection not often discussed, between open societies and their art. It’s often said that Islam never had a ...

Mr. President, Reject America’s Decline

James Kirchick's blog When President Obama addresses the nation from the well of the House of Representatives tonight, he will face a country weary of economic distress and pessimistic about America’s place in the world. According to an NBC- Wall ...

26 Jan 2010

London Meeting Aims to Bolster Yemen in Qaeda Fight

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 07:00 PM EST

Brown: Europe Should Lead World on Climate Change

United Kingdom. PRESS CONFERENCE. 07:00 PM EST
25 Jan 2010

Israel Releases Report on Israel-Turkey Relations

Haaretz.com. Israel. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Is Euro Crisis Germany’s Blessing In Disguise?

Quentin Peel. Financial Times. 07:00 PM EST

EU Delegation Hopes to Mediate Albania’s Emerging Political Crisis

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST
23 Jan 2010

“Reset” with Russia, One Year On

Vladimir Kara-Murza's blog U.S. policy toward the Kremlin has rarely been a partisan issue. The division lies between those who advocate deals with a repressive regime and those who understand that common interests require common values. It is hard ...

The Persistence of Memory

Roya Hakakian's blog On the eve of the 31st anniversary of the 1979 revolution, Tehran is facing the Marxian destiny: History has repeated itself in Iran, indeed with a farcical twist, and the clerics aren’t the ones laughing. For 30 years, February ...

20 Jan 2010

Moldovan FM: Country Can be a 'True Democracy'

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Modernization in Russia Must Come From Bottom Up, Not Top Down

Boris Kagarlitsky. The Moscow Times. 07:00 PM EST

Rwandan Genocide Suspect Arrested in France

The New Times. Rwanda. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. West’s Loss of Turkey is Gain for Arabs

Jihad el-Khazen. Dar Al Hayat. Lebanon. 07:00 PM EST

UK Suspends Flights from Yemen over Security Risk

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 07:00 PM EST

Russian Journalist Dies after Beating by Police

The Washington Post. 07:00 PM EST
18 Jan 2010

Barak Seeks to Repair Turkey Relations

AL Jazeera. 07:00 PM EST