In Depth: Energy and Middle East

31 Oct 2012

Breaking from Baghdad: Kurdish Autonomy vs. Maliki’s Manipulation

Given their historical grievances and more recent political warring with Baghdad’s manipulative Maliki government, the Kurds cast a long shadow over the future of a unified Iraq.
29 Apr 2013

Editor’s Introduction

and emerge as a moderating and modernizing force? Of course, the region could ...

31 Oct 2012

Superpower Symbiosis: The Russia-China Axis

China and Russia appear to have a cooperative relationship, but with competing energy and territorial interests in the mix, not to mention domestic instabilities, the future might not be so rosy.
28 Feb 2012

Battle for Bahrain: What One Uprising Meant for the Gulf States and Iran

Bahrain has become the Arab Spring’s “failed” revolution, but for the Sunni Gulf states and Shiite Iran, it has been part of a larger and ongoing battle for regional control.
26 Apr 2012

Israel and Iran: The Grounds for an Israeli Attack

Given Washington’s current reluctance to use military action against Iran’s nuclear program, Western leaders should at least grant that Israeli action is justifiable.
3 Jan 2012

The Dash for Gas: The Golden Age of an Energy Game-Changer

The natural gas market has blossomed in recent years, offering some countries the potential for greater energy independence and setting up a new set of global winners and losers.
30 Aug 2013

Misreading Iran’s Elections: Iranian Infighting and American Narcissism

President Rouhani might appear relatively reform-minded, but after three decades of disappointments by other Iranian “reformers,” outsiders should know better than to be optimistic.

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

Forget global warming and peak oil—the looming wars of this century will be fought over water, that indispensable resource that democracies typically share but strongmen use as a weapon.
8 Nov 2011

A Nuclear Iran Could Upend the World

This week's IAEA report has stripped Iran's nuclear program of its civilian disguise.
1 Jun 2008

Dear Mr. President ...

You will no doubt have been advised against adopting any view that seems or seeks to attribute all events to one single cause. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the absolutely central and consistent role played, in so many of our difficulties, by the People’s Republic of China ...
11 Feb 2012

The Saudis Will Want the Bomb, Too

too, since that region is where so much of our energy comes from. Imagine ...

19 Apr 2013

One Suspect Down, Massive Manhunt Underway for a Second

against him right now. The two are from the Islamic Russian region ...

10 Aug 2010

The Point of No Return

lethal reprisals, and even a full-blown regional war that could lead ...

22 Oct 2012

Where's the News Coverage of Bahrain?

Why is Saudi Arabia suppressing Bahrain's Shiite-led revolutionary movement, and why is the American government and media looking the other way? Iran isn't.
14 Mar 2011

What About Our Hearts and Minds?

person in their autonomous region ever attacked US forces. Only Arabs ...

24 Jun 2008

No Peace in Lebanon

from outside the region come to Bab al-Tabbaneh, open fire in our ...

29 May 2011

Yeah, We Won in Iraq

a few years ago that Iraq would be stable while the rest of the region ...

17 May 2011

Keep Assad Out in the Cold

and reporters for years by pretending that he’s a critical piece in a region ...

23 Feb 2012

An Israeli Embeds with the Free Syrian Army

conservative, Sunni Muslim region where I would spend the following week ...

13 Apr 2010

Let Them Meet Steel

by the month. And the next round of conflict could tear up as many as six regions ...

19 Mar 2006

A Place Called Saudi Arabia

spectacular forces at work everywhere in US regional policy — and a hangover ...

5 Jul 2005

From the First Gulf War to the Second

And from what I’d seen by then in that region, I thought, that’s basically ...

2 Mar 2005

Catastrophe Theory and War

election that followed sent a powerful shock wave through the region ...

11 Feb 2008

The Final Mission, Part III

other parts of the country. Likewise, Iraqis from these regions who ...

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