In Depth: Hamas and Middle East

28 Nov 2012

A Gaza Postmortem

After the Gaza cease-fire, the US-Israeli relationship looks stronger, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Palestinian Authority look weaker, and Egypt remains an unknown quantity.
1 Mar 2009

Turkish Delight: A Sour Delicacy

Turkey poses particular problems for the foreigner attempting to make sense of it. Istanbul, especially, appears to be quite Western, and in many ways it is. This seduces the observer into thinking it is more intelligible than it is.
1 May 2008

The Syrian Track: Much ado about Nothing

for the Assad regime. … [O]nly by backing the radical power in the region can ...

9 Mar 2012

Hezbollah's Relentless Rage

of the region—was the suicide bomber. Read the rest in City Journal . Middle East ...

19 Nov 2012

Israel's Goals, Hamas' Choices, and Egypt in the Middle

Retired IDF general Michael Herzog says that Israel’s goal isn’t just to temporarily disable Hamas. It’s to deter Gaza’s militias so that a cease-fire will hold. Diplomacy could work—likely with Egypt’s help—but war remains a possibility.
16 Oct 2012

Judith Butler: More Palestinian than the Palestinians

Judith Butler’s unrealistic and one-sided critique of the Israeli-Palestinian problem, showcased again in her latest book, is indicative of the flawed approach so popular among the Western intelligentsia.
17 Dec 2009

The Eclipsing of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

asked. Still, the man correctly sensed that Sunnis in the region aren’t ...

1 Jun 2010

This Week's Hysteria Has its Limits

these events to distract from our main goals of achieving peace in the region ...

3 Feb 2009

The New Backbone of the Sunni Resistance

are far more worried about Iranian regional dominance than they are about ...

3 Apr 2011

The Remaining Thugs

are even dimmer in (mostly non-Arab) Iran. Which means that the region’s most ...

27 Nov 2006

NY Times: Hizbullah Training Mahdi Army

is working hard against the disengagement of Lebanon from regional struggles ...

18 Oct 2011

In Egypt, with Liberals

from the norm in the region’s worst regimes and movements. This policy ...

4 May 2008

More From the Less-Scary Muslims File

that drove them from the region, and must now be wondering what is wrong ...

26 Jun 2007

Feels like 1967, Redux – UPDATED

losses all around, but if Iran intervened rather than see its regional ...

2 Aug 2009

Hamas Pretends Resistance is Futile

to the cause of “resistance” when speaking to a regional audience while working ...

22 Jun 2007

A Warning from Gaza

which could backfire regionally against Hizbullah and Iran. There is also ...

10 May 2008

The Tea Boy

services and terror apparatus, used at the regional, international and now ...

25 Aug 2005

No Mourning for Greater Israel

neighbors, that until the Jews arrived to settle in this region ...

28 May 2007

Remember the conventional wisdom?

in the region, which is one of mullahs’ greatest deterrent capabilities. Add all ...

7 Feb 2009

A Dispatch from the Border with Gaza

by the government and the Ministry of Health to operate this regional medical clinic,” ...

10 Apr 2013

ANALYSIS. Hamas Seeks Bigger Regional Role

The Associated Press. 02:46 PM EDT
30 Jun 2011

Regional Actors and The Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

The Henry Jackson Society. UK. 08:00 PM EDT