In Depth: Human Rights and Middle East

30 Aug 2013

Getting Congo Right: Can the West Fix Past Failures?

After two decades of incoherent policies, millions have died in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Can a new Western-organized counterinsurgency force really bring resolution?
9 Oct 2012

Turkey Strikes Back

Turkey responded to attacks from Syria last week with reprisal shelling and expanded war powers for Prime Minister Erdogan, but Ankara’s moves are also a response to what it perceives as an escalating Kurdish threat.
29 Apr 2013

Lessons Learned: The Iraq Invasion

The lessons of the Iraq War now pass as conventional wisdom, but the intervention-averse policies of the Obama administration in Syria suggest the wrong lessons have been learned.
17 Sep 2012

The Looming WMD Crisis in Syria

As warfare and instability continue to rattle Syria, the possibility that terrorists could acquire the regime's chemical and biological weapons is getting disturbingly more likely.
1 Jul 2011

Persons of Interest: Britain Learns from Ex-Islamists

Two former extremists prove just how much the UK learns from its reformed enemies (and why the US should do the same).

9 Jul 2012

A New Adventure

in the region for the last year and am looking forward to the new challenge of reporting during a pivotal time for the region. As I leave World Affairs, I am ...

26 Jan 2011

Comment of the Day

or the advance of human rights in the region or lack of advance, or the fight ...

2 Mar 2011

Israel the Model

Michael J. Totten's blog Lee Smith argues in Tablet that the Arab model for success is not Iran or Turkey, but Israel . It is the only properly functioning democracy in the region, its human rights record ...

16 Nov 2012

A Closer Look at Bahrain's Opposition

Anti-regime activist group Bahrain Watch lists only five staffers, but they’ve gained attention this year for their attempts to stoke government opposition and keep the media honest in their coverage of the Gulf state.
1 Jul 2010

The Future of Turkey and Israel

of the region, such a restoration would be most desirable. Whether or not it can ...

13 Mar 2012

Syria: The Refugee Crisis Within

Elizabeth Dickinson's blog In a sign of just how desperate the humanitarian situation in Syria has become, the UN High Commission for Refugees today appointed a regional coordinator to manage aid to the outflux ...

14 Mar 2011

What About Our Hearts and Minds?

person in their autonomous region ever attacked US forces. Only Arabs ...

10 Apr 2012

Bahrain: What You Won't See at F1

As Bahrain hosts the high-profile Formula One race, Arab Spring activists hope to show that life is not back to normal—not that racing fans are likely to see their efforts.
13 Jul 2011

Hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood

Esam El-Erian: This region [pounds table] is a victim of 9/11. This region was put under dictatorship because we were accused as a nation ...

26 Mar 2006

Three Reviews of Fukuyama

of traditional Islam is already asserted in the region! ), modernization, the ME ...

20 Aug 2003

Blaming America First

regions may not be peaceable indefinitely. The violence is still centered ...

16 Sep 2013