In Depth: Terrorism and Middle East

28 Feb 2012

It’s Not Just Al-Qaeda: Stability in the Most Dangerous Region

In a region defined by historic and violent divides, hostile intent, and nukes, the US and NATO have no viable alternative but to stay the course. 
29 Apr 2013

Fractured Continent: The Turmoil and Promise of Latin America

Latin America is divided between leftist authoritarian states and market democracies. The US should reset priorities to support the democratic vision to integrate the region into a free trade area.
1 Jan 2011

Power Play: Turkey's Bid to Trump Iran

The flotilla incident last spring was just an opener: Turkey has big plans for its own role in a tumultuous Middle East—and they don't have much to do with helping Tehran, much less the West.
15 Apr 2013

Aid Syrian Rebels after Assad Falls

Syria’s Nusra Front and al-Qaeda in Iraq have merged, making it likely that US and EU aid to anti-Assad rebels will inadvertently strengthen Sunni terror groups in the Syrian–al-Qaeda civil war to come.
1 Jul 2010

Dire Straits: Taking on Somali Pirates

Pirates thrive on political instability and geographic mobility—and eastern Africa offers both in spades. An expert in the field, Martin N. Murphy explains why Somali piracy is a threat to the West, and what we need to do to stop it.
27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

in the region? Syria is already all of those things.   T he US couldn’t return ...

1 Jan 2011

Spoiler Alert: What Syria's President Really Wants

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to play every one of his neighbors (not to mention the West) for all they're worth.
1 Jul 2010

The Broken Link: What Peace Won't Fix

New Republic correspondent and World Affairs blogger James Kirchick argues against the folly of linkage—i.e., the assumption that fixing the peace process will somehow cure all of the Middle East's other ailments.
1 May 2011

Lost in the Levant: Lebanon Reappraised

In The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, Beirut Daily Star editor Michael Young offers a timely and beautifully written accounting of Lebanon's struggle for stability amid political and religious diversity and extremism.
28 Jun 2013

Islamic Terror: Decentralized, Franchised, Global

As President Obama scales back on the War on Terror, al-Qaeda and its mutations have decentralized and spread, and by now are poised to strike in unexpected places.
1 Sep 2011

Ten Years Later

“The attacks of September 11, 2001, impelled America to declare war against terrorism. Its unforeseen consequence may be a historic leap in the global spread of democracy and human rights.”
28 Jun 2013

Editor’s Introduction

on the region’s shifting fortunes and opinions as well as the hesitancy ...

30 Dec 2012

Iran in the Balkans: A History and a Forecast

Iran’s largest diplomatic contingent in Europe resides in tiny Sarajevo. And the Islamist presence—including terror cells and training camps—continues to threaten the region, and the West.
1 Jul 2011

Persons of Interest: Britain Learns from Ex-Islamists

Two former extremists prove just how much the UK learns from its reformed enemies (and why the US should do the same).

28 Feb 2010

Kurdish Official: Unwavering Support for Christians in Face of Targeted Terrorism

Kurdistan Regional Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 07:00 PM EST
21 May 2012

Is Libya Long for This World?

the distinct Saharan region of Fezzan south of Tripolitania may be too sparsely ...

23 Aug 2012

Iran's Khamenei Orders Terrorist Attacks Against the West and the Middle East

and elsewhere in the region." I’m not convinced the Iranian regime easily can ...

5 Sep 2012

The World According to Syrian Kurdistan

The state of Syria's Kurdish minority has been largely ignored by the Western media—but their stake in the outcome of the country is no less dire than those of other warring factions.
27 Feb 2015

Obama's Comprehensive Approach to Counterterrorism

President Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter are right to fight violent extremism with a strategy that combines hard and soft power alike.
6 Jun 2010

Iran Threatens War in the Mediterranean

for years now to join Tehran and Jerusalem in setting the regional agenda, ...

23 Feb 2012

The Saudis Want to Arm an Insurgency

in the region haven’t changed. Our biggest problem then as now is the Iranian- ...

25 Jan 2008

Lebanon’s Terror War

in our country, and in the region. No one is going after the killers—their ...

15 Apr 2013

Aid Syrian Rebels after Assad Falls

Syria’s Nusra Front and al-Qaeda in Iraq have merged, making it likely that US and EU aid to anti-Assad rebels will inadvertently strengthen Sunni terror groups in the Syrian–al-Qaeda civil war to come.
6 Apr 2011

The Tyrant of Damascus

administration thought that the region was ripe for democracy and pluralism, ...

19 May 2013

How to Become a Dictator

Bashar al-Assad has kept an iron grip on power, like his father Hafez, by perpetuating his mythic profile as Syria's indispensable ruler, without whom the country would undoubtedly descend into the abyss of sectarian war and ethnic cleansing.
30 Jul 2012

The Syrian War Gets Even Uglier

in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region whose ...

16 Jul 2012

No Permission Required

region from oppression by their own government. Mr. Obama has not sought ...

13 Jul 2006


a catastrophe for the United States. We have few friends in the region already, ...

25 Mar 2008

Freedom Fighter Called “Terrorist” by INS

the Ba’athists because they were actively resisting genocide in the Kurdish region ...

9 Mar 2012

Hezbollah's Relentless Rage

of the region—was the suicide bomber. Read the rest in City Journal . Middle East ...

13 Dec 2011

Dead Man Walking

regional sidekick. A Brotherhood government, though, is hardly inevitable. ...

19 Nov 2012

Israel's Goals, Hamas' Choices, and Egypt in the Middle

Retired IDF general Michael Herzog says that Israel’s goal isn’t just to temporarily disable Hamas. It’s to deter Gaza’s militias so that a cease-fire will hold. Diplomacy could work—likely with Egypt’s help—but war remains a possibility.
10 Nov 2005

One Degree of Separation

is even smaller. Sometimes it feels like a neighborhood more than a region ...

20 Sep 2012

The Terrorist's Veto

veto. Now it’s our turn. A week after region-wide riots started in Cairo, ...

12 Jan 2011

On the Brink

region-wide crisis. Eleven ministers from Hezbollah and its aligned parties ...

4 Jan 2011

Conspiracy Theories and War (Updated)

the minds of people across the Middle East. Much of the region is simply ...

17 Mar 2004

More Trouble for Spain?

the southern Spanish region of Andalucia, which is in Europe , it would ...

8 Feb 2004

Missing the Point

Slum-clearance had to start somewhere, and no dictator in that region had ...

24 Aug 2013

Syria's War Spreads to Lebanon

the more likely this war will become a full-blown regional conflagration ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the region? Syria is already all of those things. Read the rest! North America ...

24 May 2010

The Solution Is in Damascus and Tehran

is most unlikely to do in the Shia regions of Lebanon where it is embedded. ...

4 Aug 2013

Hezbollah Plays the Israel Card

Hezbollah has always used the specter of enemy Israel to paper over the dangerous rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Now locked in the fight of its life in Syria, Hezbollah needs the Israel card more than ever.
12 Dec 2011

The Butcher of Damascus

of the region. Syria, like Lebanon and Iraq, is a sectarian tinderbox, ...

9 Oct 2011

Assad Really Does Need to Go

border the hottest and most dangerous frontier in the region. No Arab ...

1 Jun 2011

The Levantine Crucible

that would rock the region in 2009, and then again last winter. First, ...

24 Oct 2012

Two Hours

the State Department's regional security office had reported ...

20 Oct 2012

Welcome to Millennial Letters

threatened now by economic dislocation, regional conflict, and local terror ...

3 Apr 2011

The Remaining Thugs

are even dimmer in (mostly non-Arab) Iran. Which means that the region’s most ...