In Depth: Women and Middle East

1 Nov 2010

Letter from the Editor: November/December 2010

Given the region’s excess of tragic history and a weary cynicism ...

28 Jun 2013

Editor’s Introduction

on the region’s shifting fortunes and opinions as well as the hesitancy ...

9 Jul 2012

A New Adventure

in the region for the last year and am looking forward to the new challenge of reporting during a pivotal time for the region. As I leave World Affairs, I am ...

6 Feb 2013

Women on the Front Lines in the Middle East

Women in combat is a hot topic for the US military right now. But women and girls in Arab and Muslim societies are waging a different kind of warfare. And the stakes are high.
14 Sep 2011

‘Winter Is On My Head’: Israel’s Predicament

to democracy. What is does have is regional powers vying for regional hegemony ...

10 Nov 2005

One Degree of Separation

is even smaller. Sometimes it feels like a neighborhood more than a region ...

12 Aug 2013

Can Beirut Be Paris Again?

into a regional player in its own right—occupying Lebanon, running his own ...

2 Jan 2013

Millennial New Year’s Resolutions

From activists to hactivists, from women’s rights to the foodie revolution, young people made great strides last year. Here’s a list of resolutions to keep the momentum going in 2013.
21 May 2009

Davos in the Desert

They are the excuse-makers. And they hold the entire region back. [...] There are major Arab ...

10 Aug 2011

How Can We Save the Revolution?

their courage changed the destiny of Egypt and the whole region have faced ...

8 May 2012

A Peek Inside Saudi Social Media

A recent study by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy reports that while Saudi Arabia is still very conservative and controlled, new voices—from liberals to extremists—are emerging online.
2 Feb 2010

Israel's Security: Survival or Continuity?

between Israel and Lebanon, Iranians were the only people in the region who ...

7 Sep 2009

The Warlord in His Castle

faction in Lebanon has the upper hand both locally and regionally because the Druze tend to belong to that faction. But what happens when the region ...

17 May 2012

The Woman Who Blew Up the Arab World

The story of the Tunisian fruit seller whose self-immolation started the Arab Spring has been told many times. Now, the government employee blamed for Bouazizi's desperation tells her side of the story—a narrative that paints a different picture.
25 Apr 2006

“You Just Can’t Believe Anyone Hates You That Much”

as anyone else in the region. The biggest problem the Israeli government has ...

21 Feb 2008

The Arabs and Obama

anyone from the Bush White House’s regional transformation program, so you ...