In Depth: Middle East

13 Jun 2017

Saudi Officer Killed in Terror Attack

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates 11:02 AM EDT
12 Jun 2017

Boris Johnson: Kurdish Referendum a Distraction

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 04:23 PM EDT

The Possibility of Kurdistan

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 04:01 PM EDT

Netanyahu Looks to Restrict Foreign Funding for NGOs

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 02:28 PM EDT

Iraqi Militias Carving Land Bridge Between Iran and Syria

The National. United Arab Emirates. 02:27 PM EDT

Qatar Welcomes Kuwaiti Mediation with Gulf States

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:17 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Qatar’s Hegemonic Ambitions

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:15 AM EDT

Iran Vows Retaliation for US Sanctions Bill

Fars News Agency. Iran. 11:15 AM EDT

Yemeni Army Makes Strategic Gains in Taiz

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:12 AM EDT
9 Jun 2017

Russia Says US-Led Coalition Colludes with IS in Syria

The Washington Post. 12:21 PM EDT

Kurdish Referendum ‘Irresponsible’: Turkish PM

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:51 AM EDT

OPINION. The GCC Will Ride Out the Storm

Michael Stephens. Al Jazeera. Qatar. 10:50 AM EDT

Polio Outbreak Reported in Syria

PBS News. 10:45 AM EDT

Twin Blasts in Iraq Kill 30, Wound Dozens

Hindustan Times. India. 10:40 AM EDT
8 Jun 2017

Iraqi Kurds Set Date for Independence Referendum

Al Jazeera. Qatar. 02:29 PM EDT

Yemen Cholera Cases Pass 100,000

Reuters. 02:28 PM EDT

Qatar 'Not Ready to Change Foreign Policy'

Al Jazeera. Qatar. 02:07 PM EDT

ISIS and the New War Economy

Chatham House. England. 01:22 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. With Trump on Board, the Saudis Move Against Iran

John Wight. Sputnik News. Russia. 11:38 AM EDT

Trump Offers Qatari Emir Help With Gulf Crisis

Politico. United States. 10:17 AM EDT
7 Jun 2017

ISIS Claims Attacks in Tehran

Reuters. 04:30 PM EDT

Driving Hamas from Power by Way of Qatar

Hudson Institute. United States. 04:20 PM EDT

IRGC Blames Saudi Arabia, US for Tehran Attacks


OPINION. Germany Owes Palestinians Reparations

Daniel Barenboim. Haaretz. Israel. 11:48 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Qatar Rift Endangers Muslim Brotherhood

The Jerusalem Post. Israel. 11:47 AM EDT

Jordan Reduces Diplomatic Presence in Qatar

Ammon News. Jordan. 11:46 AM EDT

Syrian Democratic Forces Begin to Surround Raqqa

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:44 AM EDT

US-Led Forces Strike Syrian Government Positions

Syrian Arab News Agency. 11:43 AM EDT

Houthis Boycott UN Envoy to Yemen

Al Jazeera. 11:41 AM EDT

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Allegedly Guarding Qatari Emir

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:40 AM EDT

Protests Turn Violent in Gaza

Ma’an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 11:39 AM EDT
6 Jun 2017

OPINION. Why We Need to Talk About Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

John Wight. Sputnik News. Russia. 02:04 PM EDT