In Depth: Middle East

20 Jul 2017

Bringing the Desert Together: How to Advance Sahelo-Maghreb Integration

European Council on Foreign Relations. England. 12:11 PM EDT

The Ceasefire and U.S. Interests on the Jordan-Syria Border

The Washington Institute on Near East Policy. United States. 12:09 PM EDT

Israel Escalates Threats Against Iran

Haaretz. Israel. 10:15 AM EDT
19 Jul 2017

Palestinians, Israeli Forces Clash outside al-Aqsa Mosque over New Security Procedures

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 01:18 PM EDT

OPINION. Iran is Building an Iraqi Hezbollah

Hamid Bahrami. Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 01:16 PM EDT

Syrian Warplanes Strike Positions inside Lebanon

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 12:37 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. The Saudi Prince's Shady Ascent to Power

The New York Times. 12:27 PM EDT

Palestinian Attacker Shot Dead after Driving into Israeli Soldiers

Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Israel. 02:38 PM EDT

Iran Takes Another American Hostage

Iran has sentenced another American hostage to ten years in prison for spying—part of an ongoing, and absurd, pattern of claiming students or journalists as spies to use for bargaining with the United States.

OPINION. Trump Must Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal Now

John Bolton. The Hill. United States. 11:38 AM EDT
17 Jul 2017

UAE Hacked Qatar, Started Gulf Rift: US Intelligence

The Washington Post. 04:30 PM EDT

UAE Denies Hacking Qatari Government

United Arab Emirates. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 02:37 PM EDT

15 Soldiers, 8 Houthi Rebels Killed in Yemen Clashes

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 02:33 PM EDT

Suspected Islamic Militants Kill 5 Police in Egypt's Sinai

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 02:27 PM EDT

Iran Warns Kurds against Independence Bid

Islamic Republic News Agency. Iran. 02:25 PM EDT

Russia to Consider Israeli Interests in Syria, Says Lavrov

The Jerusalem Post. Israel. 02:17 PM EDT

Palestinians, Protesting New Security Measures, Pray Outside al-Aqsa Mosque

Ma'an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 02:15 PM EDT
14 Jul 2017

Israel Detains Muslim Cleric Following Attack

Times of Israel. 03:12 PM EDT

US Special Envoy: The Battle against ISIS in Iraq is Far From Over

United States. OFFICIAL REMARKS. 12:00 PM EDT

Pentagon Wants to Build New Facilities in Iraq, Syria

Al Monitor. United States. 11:49 AM EDT