In Depth: Middle East

2 Nov 2017

Contain, Enforce, and Engage: An Integrated U.S. Strategy to Address Iran’s Nuclear and Regional Challenges

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 02:14 PM EDT
1 Nov 2017

Putin Arrives in Iran to Discuss Syria and Nuclear Deal

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 03:12 PM EDT

Syrian Opposition Rejects Russia-Sponsored Congress

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:35 AM EDT
31 Oct 2017

Syrian Man 'Planned Bomb Attack' In Germany

BBC. England. 11:10 AM EDT

Iraqi Army Takes Over Turkey Border Crossing From Kurds, Turkish PM Says

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 08:59 AM EDT

Iran To Reopen Border With Iraq's Kurdistan Region

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. United States. 08:52 AM EDT
30 Oct 2017

The Iranian-Saudi Hegemonic Rivalry

Belfar Center. United States. 02:23 PM EDT

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On the Balfour Declaration

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 12:41 PM EDT
27 Oct 2017

Overplaying Their Hand: The Kurds’ Referendum Debacle

In their move for an independent state, the Kurds gambled and lost—but there’s more to the story than being the victims of another betrayal from the West.

UK Foreign Secretary Johnson: On UN Report on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

United Kingdom. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 10:50 AM EDT

Peshmerga Retreat Amid International Efforts to Defuse Tensions

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:19 AM EDT

Saudi Crown Prince Backs Extending OPEC Cuts Into 2018

Bloomberg. United States. 03:04 PM EDT

Trump Throws the Kurds to the Wolves

Michael J. Totten's blog The one part of Iraq that was considered an unalloyed success until now is going to hell, and it’s partly Donald Trump’s fault. Last month, voters in the Kurdish autonomous region chose overwhelmingly to secede from Iraq, ...

Hezbollah Denounces US Sanctions Against It

The Washington Post. 12:37 PM EDT

US House Passes Ballistic Missile Sanctions on Iran

Bloomberg. United States. 12:21 PM EDT
25 Oct 2017

Iran Reopens Border with Iraqi Kurdistan

Al Ahram. Egypt. 10:20 AM EDT