In Depth: Middle East

19 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017

Can the United States Broker Peace Between Iraq and the Kurds?

Council on Foreign Relations 12:02 PM EDT

Islam and the Patterns in Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Center for Strategic and International Studies. United States. 11:59 AM EDT

Lawsuit Claims Three US Companies Funded Terror in Iraq

New York Times. United States. 10:44 AM EDT

EU Calls on Israel to Stop Plans for New West Bank Settlements

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:41 AM EDT
17 Oct 2017

The Trump Administration and the Iran Nuclear Deal: Analysis of Noncompliance Claims

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. United States. 10:16 AM EDT

US-Backed Forces Capture Raqqa From ISIS

New York Times. 09:15 AM EDT

Iraq Forces Take Sinjar After Kurdish Pullout

Anadolu Agency. Turkey. 09:13 AM EDT
16 Oct 2017

Empowering Sustainable Partners in the Fight and Aftermath in Syria's Deir Azzor

Center for Strategic and International Studies. United States. 01:04 PM EDT

Saudi King Receives Emir of Kuwait to Discuss Issues of Common Concern

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:28 AM EDT

Unforced Error: The Risks of Confrontation with Iran

Cato Institute. United States. 09:41 AM EDT

How Salafism's Rise Threatens Gaza

RAND Corporation. United States. 09:36 AM EDT

Talks of Civilian Raqqa Exit Halted

Daily Star Lebanon. 09:25 AM EDT

UAE Ends North Kora Visas

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 09:24 AM EDT

ISIL Blamed for Attack Near Deir Az Zor

Al Jazeera. 09:23 AM EDT
12 Oct 2017

Turkey Is Behaving like an Enemy Now

Turkey, a NATO ally, is now behaving like an enemy—imprisoning journalists or sentencing them in absentia, arresting a US Consulate employee on bogus charges, and taking hostages.

Egyptian President Extends State of Emergency

Egyptian Streets. 02:53 PM EDT

Qatar MFA: Qatar Strongly Condemns Storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque


Proxy War Over Iran Nuclear Deal Divides US, Europe at UN

Bloomberg. United States. 10:13 AM EDT