In Depth: Peace and North America

31 Oct 2012

A Tilt Toward China? Australia Reconsiders Its American Ties

Since its publication in August, Hugh White’s “The China Choice” has churned up a controversial debate in Australia about the rise of Chinese power in the region and the wisdom of continued US ties.
30 Aug 2012

Learning from Sadat: The Dividends of American Resolve

Anwar Sadat steered Egypt away from the USSR and allied with the West because he saw the value of a US partnership. Can Washington inspire that confidence again?
3 Jan 2012

Arab Spring or Islamist Winter?

Last year was not the first time Arabs called for change in the face of stubborn autocrats, but it was the first time their calls paid off—at least initially.
27 Jun 2012

Assad Delenda Est: The Case for Aiding Syria’s Rebels

in the region? Syria is already all of those things.   T he US couldn’t return ...

1 Jan 2011

Spoiler Alert: What Syria's President Really Wants

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants to play every one of his neighbors (not to mention the West) for all they're worth.
1 Sep 2009

Spoilers: The End of the Peace Process

Elliott Abrams and Michael Singh show how the Middle East peace process has been fatally misguided—and what should be done to fix it.
24 May 2013

Russia Talks Peace, then Ships Missiles

Russia relives its Cold War days by clamping down on dissidents and playing global peacemaker while shipping missiles to dictators who brutalize their citizens.
1 May 2011

Lost in the Levant: Lebanon Reappraised

In The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, Beirut Daily Star editor Michael Young offers a timely and beautifully written accounting of Lebanon's struggle for stability amid political and religious diversity and extremism.
30 Aug 2013

Blue Gold: The Coming Water Wars

Forget global warming and peak oil—the looming wars of this century will be fought over water, that indispensable resource that democracies typically share but strongmen use as a weapon.
1 Nov 2010

Shifting Sands: Why Peace Talks Might Just Work

Renewed peace talks have certainly drawn their share of skepticism, but veteran ABC News correspondent Robert Zelnick, who has just returned from a Mideast trip, reports that conditions are ripe for a successful deal.
17 Nov 2011

Building a New Peace Process

As the dust settles on the failed Palestinian statehood bid, the US and its allies need to recalibrate their efforts around realistic goals.
1 Jul 2011

Compromised: Henry Kissinger’s China Syndrome

In his latest book, the aging statesman can't help but ignore Beijing's brutal domestic policies, to the detriment of his other insights.

1 Sep 2011

Ten Years Later

“It is in the nature of men and women to look ahead, past the darkest of times, to the brighter days that always follow. All of human history is a play of light and darkness. And through all of human history, we travel together through the longest night into the dawn.”
28 Oct 2011

The Oslo Legacy: Goodbye to All That

Now that yet another US president has failed to bring Israel and the Palestinians closer to a settlement, it’s time to abandon the outmoded Oslo negotiation model.
1 Mar 2011

Yes, Nukes: The Global Zero Utopia

Back in the 1930s, the great powers thought it wise to declare war obsolete. Never mind that it still suited some nations just fine. Fast-forward seventy years and the same illusion stalks the globe again—this time over nuclear weapons.
31 Mar 2012

Syria's Regime Not Worth Preserving

strategy that it became the regime’s nature. What held true for regional ...

30 Mar 2012

Shielding Syria

is elsewhere. He prefers to subcontract Syria to regional states, even ...

18 Mar 2013

Americans Give Up on Middle East Peace

the region’s Sunnis and Shias, nor will secularists and Islamists achieve a modus ...

23 Jul 2012

Assad Delenda Est

in the region? Syria is already all of those things. Read the rest! North America ...

24 May 2013

Russia Talks Peace, then Ships Missiles

Russia relives its Cold War days by clamping down on dissidents and playing global peacemaker while shipping missiles to dictators who brutalize their citizens.
6 Aug 2013

Colombia Countdown to Peace with FARC

With 220,000 dead over the 50-year struggle, President Santos of Colombia hopes to make peace with the guerrilla group FARC—a feat that could earn him a second term next year. But major obstacles remain.
4 Jun 2013

The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy

in the region than before, but you’re going to lose it in Syria.” I heard ...

8 Mar 2012

The Trouble with #StopKony

The #StopKony campaign can be applauded for raising awareness, but it has also simplified years of complicated strife in flawed and possibly damaging ways.
17 Jul 2007

Bush speech punditry

to Israel’s regional supremacy. To resolve the impasse, one of the sides ...

15 Nov 2009

Damascus Reverts to Form

the region’s only mature liberal democracy supposedly isn’t a peace partner ...

28 Mar 2011

The New York Times’ Non-Democracy Agenda

the Arab revolt. The region has a long way to go to developing civil society. ...

2 Aug 2009

Hamas Pretends Resistance is Futile

to the cause of “resistance” when speaking to a regional audience while working ...

26 Jan 2009

The Mother of All Quagmires

to the Middle East: there is no solution to the problems that vex that region ...

26 Oct 2008

Lebanon’s Enemy Within

“Wage Peace” and “No War” throughout the country in regions Hezbollah ...

8 Jan 2007

“So This Is Our Victory”

into the South, into the steep rolling hills that make up the region known ...

30 Apr 2006

On the Rim of a Volcano

Galilee region of South Lebanon. His map referred to the West Bank as “Judea ...

3 Feb 2007

The Beirut Branch of the Mossad

of international forces in different regions. You had even here in Lebanon in 1983 ...

1 Aug 2011
31 Oct 2010

OPINION. Peace in a Volatile Region, Eritrea and Somaliland Become Good Neighbors

http://www.garoweonline.com/english/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=403:djiboutis-change-of-heart-towards-somaliland&catid=46:opinions&Itemid=123 08:00 PM EDT