In Depth: South America

22 Oct 2003

South America Photo Album

Michael J. Totten's blog Four weeks from today Shelly and I begin our annual trip out of the country. This time we leave for fifteen days in Central America. One week in Antigua, Guatemala, and another on an island off the coast of Belize. There is ...

24 Sep 2003

Edward Said Is Dead

Michael J. Totten's blog Edward Said, Palestinian English professor and leftist historian at Columbia University died today of leukemia. He was 67. If you want a well-balanced appraisal of his life and his work, this piece by Christopher Hitchens in ...

13 Aug 2003

The Lure of Destruction

Michael J. Totten's blog The Washington Post says Mt. Rainier is far more dangerous than we knew. My first reaction: excellent . Only later did I think yikes . I can see the mountain from my office in Portland. It’s bigger than you think. Shelly and ...