In Depth: South America

3 Aug 2017

OPINION. Sanctions on Venezuela Only Worsen the Crisis

Mark Weisbrot. The Hill. United States. 03:45 PM EDT

OPINION. Venezuela's Vote Stays True to the Tradition of Dictatorial Fraud

Antonio Mora. The Hill. United States. 03:41 PM EDT

US Will Not Engage a Parallel Government in Venezuela, Says American Official

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 03:37 PM EDT
1 Aug 2017

Can Venezuela Resurrect Its Economy?

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 12:26 PM EDT
31 Jul 2017

US Planning to Announce New Sanctions Targeting Venezuelan Oil Industry

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 04:45 PM EDT

Maduro Claims Victory in Constitutional Convention Vote

Santiago Times. Chile. 04:12 PM EDT

OPINION. Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Paves Way for Bright Future

Luis Beaton. Prensa Latina. Cuba. 04:09 PM EDT

Venezuelan Officials Claim 8m Citizens Voted in Election of Constitutional Assembly

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:21 AM EDT
28 Jul 2017

Venezuela, Russia to Strengthen Cooperation in Energy Sector

Agencia Venezolana de Noticias. Venezuela. 02:53 PM EDT

Amid Demonstrations, Death Toll in Venezuela Crisis Rises to 107

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 02:50 PM EDT
27 Jul 2017

Colombian FARC to Become Political Party on September 1

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 12:30 PM EDT
24 Jul 2017

Colombia, Mercosur Sign Limited Free Trade Agreement

MercoPress. Uruguay. 11:56 AM EDT

Maduro Orders Arrest of 33 Opposition-appointed Judges

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:09 AM EDT
21 Jul 2017

OPINION. America's Desperate Subversion of the Bolivarian Revolution

Roberto García Hernández. Prensa Latina. Cuba. 01:21 PM EDT

Venezuelan Opposition Releases Plan for Transitional Government

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:16 AM EDT
20 Jul 2017

Venezuelan Military Hits Back at US Sanctions Threat

Venezuela Analysis. 03:50 PM EDT
19 Jul 2017

Venezuela Rejects 'Unbelievable Statement' by President Trump


Venezuela Declares Four Ex-Presidents Persona Non Grata

The Santiago Times. Chile. 04:00 PM EDT

OPINION. The Exaggerated Venezuelan Opposition Referendum

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim. Venezuelanalysis.com. Venezuela. 03:57 PM EDT