In Depth: South America

30 Jun 2017

Brazilian Unions Strike against President Temer

MercoPress. Uruguay. 10:39 AM EDT

US, Spain Assessing Options for Pressuring Venezuela

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:35 AM EDT
29 Jun 2017

Venezuela Bars Attorney General From Leaving the Country

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 02:35 PM EDT
28 Jun 2017

US Fines AIG over Cuba Sanctions Violation

Prensa Latina. Cuba. 02:01 PM EDT

Security Forces Reportedly Storm Venezuelan Legislature

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:02 AM EDT

Venezuelan Supreme Court Reportedly Attacked by Helicopter

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:00 AM EDT
27 Jun 2017

Dozens of Roads Blocked by Anti-Government Protesters in Venezuela

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 02:45 PM EDT

UN Confirms Colombia's FARC Disarmament is Complete

Telesur. Venezuela. 11:31 AM EDT

Brazilian President Faces Corruption Charges

Rio Times. Brazil. 11:09 AM EDT
26 Jun 2017

Maduro: Venezuela Ready for Dialogue with US

Venezuela. SPEECH. 02:45 PM EDT

US Halts Brazilian Beef Imports

The Santiago Times. Chile. 02:42 PM EDT

UN Committee Calls for Negotiations over Falklands

MercoPress. Uruguay. 11:41 AM EDT

Price of Venezuelan Oil Drops below $40 per Barrel

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:38 AM EDT
23 Jun 2017

Ecuador Reaffirms Commitment to Harbor Assange

Prensa Latina. Cuba. 01:53 PM EDT

Argentina to Pursue Sovereignty over Falklands

MercoPress. Uruguay. 01:51 PM EDT

OPINION. Trump's Cuba Policy is Getting Worse

David Jessop. Dominican Today. Dominican Republic. 01:48 PM EDT

Colombian ELN Releases Kidnapped Journalists

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 01:44 PM EDT
22 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017

US to Venezuela: Do Not Hold Constitutional Convention

United States. SPEECH. 04:18 PM EDT

Supposed ISIS Operatives Hack Argentine Army Website

Santiago Times. Chile. 11:31 AM EDT

OAS Fails to Pass Declaration on Venezuela Crisis

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:30 AM EDT

Students March in Chile to Oppose Education Reforms

Telesur. Venezuela. 11:20 AM EDT
20 Jun 2017

Venezuela Walks Out of Americas Summit in Mexico

ABC News. United States 02:15 PM EDT

Two Dutch Journalists Kidnapped in Colombia by ELN Rebels

Colombia Reports. Columbia. 11:13 AM EDT
19 Jun 2017

Venezuelan FM: Venezuela Will 'Defeat' US at OAS Meeting


Argentina Joins Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Santiago Times. Chile. 03:08 PM EDT

Haiti Looks to Boost Trade with Cuba

Jamaica Observer. 03:04 PM EDT

China Eyes More Investment in Peru

Andina. Peru. 03:03 PM EDT

Grenade Attack Kills 8 in Bogota

Colombia Reports. 03:02 PM EDT

Cuba Refuses to Extradite US Fugitives

RT. Russia. 01:29 PM EDT
16 Jun 2017

Chile Denies Allegations of Torturing Bolivian Officials

The Santiago Times. Chile. 01:23 PM EDT

Venezuelan AG Submits New Motion Against Constitutional Assembly

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 01:20 PM EDT
15 Jun 2017