In Depth: Al-Qaeda and South Asia

17 Sep 2007

Anbar Awakens Part II: Hell is Over

is merely temporary and tactical is hard to say. Whatever the case, the region ...

8 Jun 2008

Another Wave of Afghan Arabs?

nomination hearing for taking over the regional military post known as Central ...

1 Jan 2011

The Lessons of the Bin Laden Documents

“It will take time to study these documents, but the details released so far have upturned many assumptions Americans held about the state of the al-Qaeda network.”
27 Dec 2011

The Next al-Qaeda? Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Future of Terrorism in South Asia

Lashkar-e-Taiba has morphed from a militia operating in Kashmir to a regional broker with designs on becoming the next global terror network.
28 Feb 2012

It’s Not Just Al-Qaeda: Stability in the Most Dangerous Region

In a region defined by historic and violent divides, hostile intent, and nukes, the US and NATO have no viable alternative but to stay the course. 
16 Jul 2012

No Permission Required

region from oppression by their own government. Mr. Obama has not sought ...

28 Jun 2013

Islamic Terror: Decentralized, Franchised, Global

As President Obama scales back on the War on Terror, al-Qaeda and its mutations have decentralized and spread, and by now are poised to strike in unexpected places.