In Depth: Economy and South Asia

Dear Mr. President ...

You will no doubt have been advised against adopting any view that seems or seeks to attribute all events to one single cause. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the absolutely central and consistent role played, in so many of our difficulties, by the People’s Republic of China ...
8 Jun 2008

Another Wave of Afghan Arabs?

nomination hearing for taking over the regional military post known as Central ...

1 Sep 2009

Talibanistan: The Talibs at Home

If you think the Talibs aren't the rainmakers in AfPak these days, try to collect a measly debt—much less win a war—without them. Our correspondent did. (And he still hasn't heard from Western Union.)
18 Feb 2010

Islam Abroad: Does President Obama Get It?

(critically) on bilateral and regional free trade agreements. I said that I would ...

1 Mar 2010

Unruly Clients: The Trouble with Allies

We just gave $7.5 billion to Pakistan and got ridiculed by the parliament, army chief, and former president. We give Yemen $121 million each year and the country remains a terrorist hotbed. What, exactly, have we bought into here?
25 Mar 2010

The Cakewalk, Seven Years On

the region. Good news out of all this? The wonks at RAND couldn’t find any. It’s ...

31 Mar 2010
28 Apr 2010
30 Apr 2010

Pakistan: Descent into Chaos?

“Nearly everyone I’ve met here over the past week shares a rather grim perspective at the moment, a feeling that Pakistan is teetering on the brink.”
1 Nov 2010

The Broken Consensus: America's Contested Primacy

Former U.S. Ambassador Eric S. Edelman tackles anew the problem of America's place in the 21st century.
1 May 2011

The Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan’s Past, Pakistan’s Future

To those familiar with Pakistan’s history and politics, it's little surprise that Osama bin Laden turned up there. As more than half a century of problems show, the country faces a deep identity crisis it must soon address if it hopes to survive.
27 Jun 2012

China and India Today: Diplomats Jostle, Militaries Prepare

The delicate and increasingly tense China-India rivalry is reflected in the countries’ military preparations, alliances, and diplomatic maneuvering with neighbors and world powers alike.
31 Oct 2012

India and Pakistan’s Afghan Endgames: What Lies Ahead?

India and Pakistan have each had designs on Afghanistan for years. With an American drawdown on the horizon, both countries are now posturing to compete for influence.
31 Dec 2012

India Looks East

Thanks to its aggressive behavior on trade and territorial issues, China has pushed India and the nations of Southeast Asia right into each other’s arms. But Beijing is still angling for leverage.
2 Jan 2013

Millennial New Year’s Resolutions

From activists to hactivists, from women’s rights to the foodie revolution, young people made great strides last year. Here’s a list of resolutions to keep the momentum going in 2013.
27 Feb 2013

Asia’s Next Tigers? Burma, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

Fifty years ago, Burma, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines seemed ready to boom economically. Yet takeoff never happened. Could they now be on the path of recovery and growth?
9 May 2013

Brazil’s WTO Win

After a diplomatic offensive, a Brazilian will lead the World Trade Organization owing to China and India's support. Besides Brazil's quest for a seat on the Security Council, what does this mean for the WTO?
27 Jun 2013

Afghanistan’s Vicious Patronage Network

We’ve failed to establish a reasonably stable democracy in Afghanistan because of corruption and patronage networks that now feed on American contracts.