In Depth: Journalism and South Asia

31 Oct 2012

Editor’s Introduction

in the region. There are major defense, economic, and energy interests at stake ...

27 Dec 2011

The Next al-Qaeda? Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Future of Terrorism in South Asia

Lashkar-e-Taiba has morphed from a militia operating in Kashmir to a regional broker with designs on becoming the next global terror network.
23 Nov 2011

Neglected India: Why Is Washington Ignoring the World’s Largest Democracy?

The US and India are natural allies, but Obama has let China and Pakistan get in the way of New Delhi’s importance.
1 May 2010

Ministry of Silly Wars: Britain in Central Asia

Forget the ghosts of Afghanistan: There's plenty to learn from the strange tale of the British in Tibet.
7 Jan 2013

Japan’s Values Diplomacy

In the face of a hostile and undemocratic China, Japan’s new prime minister is putting a premium on shared values, stressing ties with the US and reaching out to Australia and India.
20 Dec 2010

Not a Parody, But Should Be: Is anyone in charge at NATO’s Afghan Police Training Command?

[ I still don’t understand: the equipment is now at regional centers, ...

12 Apr 2010

A Teachable Moment

republics, as well as Russia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the border region ...

17 May 2007

Good and Bad Mainstream Journalism

country. Several foreign powers in the region have a stake in that city. ...