In Depth: NATO and South Asia

31 Oct 2012

Hedging Bets: Washington’s Pivot to India

The US-India partnership has expanded beyond “friendship” and trade to become “defining,” as China’s economic and military leverage looms larger in the region.
28 Feb 2012

Willing or Waning? NATO’s Role in an Age of Coalitions

In spite of an expanded and increasingly divergent membership, NATO has managed to remain unified and effective by deferring to ad hoc coalitions of the willing. Can it last?
26 Apr 2012

US-Pakistan Relations: Common and Clashing Interests

Washington and Islamabad’s ambiguous alliance is insufficient to manage their common and clashing interests. It’s time to fundamentally rethink the relationship, if it’s to endure.
1 May 2010

Ministry of Silly Wars: Britain in Central Asia

Forget the ghosts of Afghanistan: There's plenty to learn from the strange tale of the British in Tibet.
16 Jul 2012

No Permission Required

region from oppression by their own government. Mr. Obama has not sought ...

7 Jun 2011

Afghan War’s Local Realities and Demand-side COIN

region. The American military and NATO have recognized this aspect ...

20 Dec 2010

Not a Parody, But Should Be: Is anyone in charge at NATO’s Afghan Police Training Command?

[ I still don’t understand: the equipment is now at regional centers, ...

27 Jun 2013

Afghanistan’s Vicious Patronage Network

We’ve failed to establish a reasonably stable democracy in Afghanistan because of corruption and patronage networks that now feed on American contracts.
18 Apr 2011

David Miliband and Exit-Strategy Fetishism

a responsible partner in a regional compact. Before Christmas. (2) Jihadism ...

12 Jun 2011