In Depth: South Asia

9 May 2010


Michael J. Totten's blog Brad Thor at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government says Taliban leader Mullah Omar has been captured . How he got this story when no one else seems to have it is a mystery. If true, it’s terrific news and one hell of a scoop for ...

OPINION. Manage Karzai with Private Sticks and Public Carrots

Stephen Biddle. The Washington Post. 08:00 PM EDT

Karzai to Visit US

BBC. 08:00 PM EDT

Afghanistan Runs on Drugs, Corruption and Aid

World News Network. VIDEO. 08:00 PM EDT
8 May 2010

Maoists End Strike in Nepal

Hindustan Times. India. 08:00 PM EDT

The Bazaar Plan in Zabul

Ann Marlowe's blog What do we have to do to stabilize Afghanistan’s Pashtun belt? After almost eight months as a commander in Zabul Province, Lt. Col. David Oclander of the 82nd Airborne Division has some interesting thoughts. Oclander and his ...

6 May 2010

Pakistani Taliban Are Said to Expand Alliances

The New York Times. 08:00 PM EDT

Citing Junta’s Vote Demand, Burmese Pro-Democracy Party Disbands

Sydney Morning Herald. Australia. 08:00 PM EDT

Pakistani Taliban Expand Alliances

The New York Times. 08:00 PM EDT
5 May 2010

You Never Know Who's Reading

Michael J. Totten's blog In the past, Hezbollah officials have trolled my blog and even called me at home to scream about what I’ve written, but Bill Roggio at the Long War Journal now has the Taliban claiming credit for the failed New York City car ...

OPINION. In Afghanistan, the Clock is Ticking

George F. Will. The Washington Post. 08:00 PM EDT

Mumbai Attacker Sentenced to Death

Al Jazeera. 08:00 PM EDT

FEATURE. Afghans on Death Row in Iran Describe their Plight

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 08:00 PM EDT

COMMENTARY. Saudi Arabia Awakens To Dangers Of Wahhabism

M. D. Nalapat. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 08:00 PM EDT

Nepal Strikes Back at Maoists

The Times of India. India. 08:00 PM EDT

Sri Lanka to Launch War Crime Probe

Daily Mirror. Sri Lanka. 08:00 PM EDT

FEATURE. Profile of NY Bomber

The New York Times. 08:00 PM EDT

Pakistan Taliban Likely Involved in NY Bomb Plot

The New York Times. 08:00 PM EDT

Pakistan Distances Itself from Mumbai Attacks

Dawn. Pakistan. 08:00 PM EDT

China and India Sabotage Agreement at Climate Summit

Der Spiegel. Germany. 08:00 PM EDT

Obama's Leftist Heart

Joshua Muravchik's blog Is Obama a “centrist”? Numerous commentators, including some thoughtful conservatives like David Brooks, credit him as one. In domestic politics, his health care agenda and larger approach to the federal budget gainsay this ...

4 May 2010

The Country's in the Best of Hands

Michael J. Totten's blog Faisal Shahzad, the alledged would-be car-bomber in New York who supposedly traveled to Pakistan to acquire his skill set, remains an enigma both to the authorities and to some of my colleagues in the media. A court hearing ...

Pakistani Military Consider Assault in Waziristan

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 08:00 PM EDT