In Depth: South Asia

4 Jan 2010

OPINION. Hamid Karzai is Trying to Improve Effectiveness, Transparency

Hendrik Woods. World Politics Review. US. 07:00 PM EST

ANALYSIS. The Afghan War in 2009: Why the War is at a Crisis Stage

Anthony H. Cordesman. Center for Strategic & International Studies. US. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. COIN Toss in Afghanistan

Michael Crowley. The New Republic. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Is War Around the Corner?

Vice Admiral Arun Kumar Singh. Indian Defence Review. India. 07:00 PM EST

BLOG. Afghani Officials Find Hints of Pakistan in CIA Deaths

Gerald Posner. The Daily Beast. 07:00 PM EST

5 Americans Detained in Pakistan Deny Plotting Terror Attack

The Wall Street Journal. 07:00 PM EST
1 Jan 2010

Letter from the Editor: January/February 2010

L ately, finally, Westphalian rules have been enjoying a vogue. Does the Obama administration care what states do inside their borders? Not really, given the importance it accords the world’s cooperation. Ought not the sight of demonstrators—liberals, ...

The Call-Up: Conscription, Again

"Draft" is still a dirty word these days, but our country is definitely in need of one.

AfPak for Dummies: A Primer

As more Americans head to Afghanistan, the former Indian ambassador to Pakistan offers a rundown of what they might expect to find there.
31 Dec 2009

POLICY BRIEF. Obama’s Surge: The United States, Australia and the Second War for Afghanistan

Anthony Bubalo. Lowy Institute for International Policy. Australia. 07:00 PM EST

S Korea, India to Double Trade by 2014

The Korea Times. South Korea. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Gates Suggests India Could Be Regional Anchor for Global Security

M K Bhadrakumar. Asia Times Online. Hong Kong. 07:00 PM EST

Iran Vice President in Turkey for Afghanistan Summit

Islamic Republic News Agency. Iran. 07:00 PM EST

Turkey Hosts Afghan-Pakistani Talks over Taliban Ahead of London Conference

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 07:00 PM EST

Iran Dismisses Military Solution in Afghanistan

Fars News Agency. Iran. 07:00 PM EST

US Plans Long-Term Civilian Presence in Afghanistan

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST

Gates Urges Pakistan to Expand Crackdown

The Washington Post. 07:00 PM EST

Gates Confirms Pakistan to Receive Shadow Drones

The Wall Street Journal. 07:00 PM EST

OPINON. Taliban Not Ready to Talk

Dexter Filkins. The New York Times. 07:00 PM EST

Foot on Bomb, US Marine Defies a Taliban Trap

The New York Times. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. What the Taliban Want

Irfan Husain. Dawn. Pakistan. 07:00 PM EST

OPINION. Pakistan: On the Razor’s Edge

Deccan Herald. India. 07:00 PM EST

Georgian Offer of Afghan Transit Unlikely to Tempt NATO

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 07:00 PM EST

Karzai Emphasizes Protecting Civilians as Key

Spiegal Online. Germany. 07:00 PM EST

Ambassador Eikenberry’s Cables on US Strategy in Afghanistan

The New York Times. MEMORANDUMS. 07:00 PM EST