In Depth: South Asia

21 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
17 Nov 2016

Bangladesh Likely to Drop Islam as Official Religion

Daily Times. Pakistan. 03:06 PM EST

Afghanistan Ranked Number Two on Global Terror Index

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 03:05 PM EST

Erdogan: Turkey, Pakistan Must Team Up Against Terror

Hurriyet Daily News. Turkey. 11:09 AM EST
16 Nov 2016

Israeli President Rivlin to Hold Talks with PM Modi

The Indian Express. 02:39 PM EST
10 Nov 2016

PM Modi in Japan to Discuss Nuclear-Deal

The Times of India. 02:32 PM EST

500,000 Displaced in Afghanistan After Recent Violence: UN

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 02:31 PM EST

Questions Remain on Trump’s Policy Toward Afghanistan

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 02:31 PM EST

Pakistanis Worry that Trump May Favor India

Dawn. Pakistan. 02:30 PM EST

EDITORIAL. Trump’s Election and Effects on Afghanistan

Daily Outlook. Afghanistan. 02:29 PM EST
9 Nov 2016

American Brexit

Much of the world is stunned following Donald Trump’s election victory—from declarations that the West is over to euphoria expressed by Vladimir Putin’s party and Europe’s anti-Semitic right.

US Elections: What Can Pakistan Expect?

Dawn. Pakistan. 02:32 PM EST
7 Nov 2016
4 Nov 2016

30 Killed, 25 Wounded in Kunduz, Govt Blames Taliban

ToloNews. Afghanistan. 03:01 PM EDT

Editors Guild Condemns One-day Ban on NDTV India

The Hindu. India. 02:52 PM EDT
3 Nov 2016

2 US Military Members Killed in Afghanistan

The News. Pakistan. 02:56 PM EDT

Nepal PM Dahal Stresses Importance of India-Nepal Ties

The Himalayan Times. Nepal. 02:55 PM EDT

Indian, Chinese Troops in Stand-Off at LAC

The Times of India. 02:55 PM EDT

UN, EU Pledge to Support Afghan Peace Talks

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 02:54 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Avoid Interference: Nepal to India

The Hindu. India. 04:11 PM EDT

Over 3.4m Afghan Refugees Repatriated in 2016

Pakistan Observer. 04:09 PM EDT
1 Nov 2016