In Depth: Government Speak

6 Apr 2018
2 Apr 2018

State Department: US to Participate in ASEAN Dialogues

US Department of State. 01:07 PM EDT
30 Mar 2018
28 Mar 2018

Lmoyne to Travel to Represent France in UNSC's Debate on Peacekeeping Operations

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 04:02 PM EDT

Boris Johnson: West Takes a Stand to Halt Reckless Ambitions

27 Mar 2018

President Weah: AFL Can Help Build a More Stable, Secure Liberia

26 Mar 2018

France: Russian Attack in Salisbury Poses a Threat to Collective Security

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 03:36 PM EDT

US State Department: On the Saudi Crown Prince's Visit to the United States

21 Mar 2018

Macron: France Approves of Sahel Alliance Project Launched in Mali

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 03:13 PM EDT

Merkel: Ireland, Germany Agree on Fundamental Issues Surrounding Brexit

German Federal Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 03:11 PM EDT
20 Mar 2018

UK Government: Novichok Nerve Agent Use in Salisbury:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office. United Kingdom. 03:35 PM EDT

Australian FM: Humanitarian Assistance to Papua New Guinea

Minister for Foreign Affairs. Australia. 03:27 PM EDT
19 Mar 2018

Chinese FM Spokesperson: New Leadership Reflects Shared Aspiration of the Party

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. 01:05 PM EDT

State Department: Concern Over Situation in Afrin

US Department of State. 01:00 PM EDT
16 Mar 2018

Putin: 'Use Your Power to Choose the Future'

Kremlin. SPEECH. 05:14 PM EDT

Russia Must Establish Clarity

German Federal Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT 05:05 PM EDT
12 Mar 2018

Lemoyne: France and Mauritius Set to Sign Three Bilateral Agreements

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 03:29 PM EDT

German Troops to Remain in Iraq for Stabilization Effort Post-ISIS

German Federal Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT 03:21 PM EDT

Bundeswehr to Remain in Afghanistan as Part of NATO-led Troops

German Federal Government. OFFICIAL STATEMENT 03:25 PM EST

France: Russia and Iran Must Abide by International Laws and Agreements in Syria

France Diplomatie. OFFICIAL STATEMENT. 04:19 PM EST
5 Mar 2018

Netanyahu: Iran Must Be Stopped

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 04:18 PM EST

Chinese Premier: China's Reform and Development Has Been Made By Doing

The State Council of the People's Republic of China. 04:11 PM EST
27 Feb 2018

Xi: “No Individual Has the Privilege to Overstep the Constitution

The State Council of the People's Republic of China 04:18 PM EST

Merkel: We Will Further Hone the European Agenda

The Federal Government of Germany. 04:12 PM EST