In Depth: Think Tank Research

8 Dec 2016

India’s UNSC Bid: Is it Different This Time?

Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis. India. 03:18 PM EST

Russian Politics After the US Presidential Elections

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 03:18 PM EST
7 Dec 2016

Trouble on the Tracks: Averting the Turkey-EU ‘Train Wreck’

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:39 PM EST
5 Dec 2016

UK Foreign Policy in the Era of Brexit

Chatham House, United Kingdom. 05:02 PM EST

Two Routes to an Impasse: Understanding Turkey’s Kurdish Policy

Brookings Institution. United States. 05:00 PM EST
1 Dec 2016

Turkey’s Refugee Crisis: The Politics of Permanence

International Crisis Group. 04:11 PM EST

Europeans are Taking Globalization Fears into the Election Booth

Bertelsmann Foundation. Germany. 04:11 PM EST

Ending War in Sudan: A New Approach

Council on Foreign Relations. 04:10 PM EST
29 Nov 2016

The Death of Fidel Castro

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 03:24 PM EST

Francois Fillon and the Lurch Towards Russia

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:23 PM EST

Israel-Palestine: Parameters for a Two-State Settlement

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:22 PM EST
28 Nov 2016

The Post-Castro Era Is Officially Here

The Brookings Institution. 05:12 PM EST
22 Nov 2016

U.S. Leadership and the Challenge of State Fragility

United States Institute of Peace. 05:20 PM EST

The Free Syrian Army: A Decentralized Insurgent Brand

The Brookings Institution. United States. 05:03 PM EST
18 Nov 2016

Cameroon: Confronting Boko Haram

Intenational Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:54 PM EST
17 Nov 2016

Why Kremlin Spin Doctors Will Regret Their Enthusiasm for Trump

Carnegie Moscow Institute. 03:47 PM EST

South Korea’s Leadership Crisis

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:47 PM EST

The Islamic State Threat in Somalia

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:47 PM EST
15 Nov 2016

Trump as President: Reagan or Mussolini?

Carnegie Moscow Center. 03:10 PM EST

EU Migration Policies After the US Election: Pushing the Limits?

European Policy Centre. Belgium. 03:09 PM EST

Repairing the US-Israel Relationship

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:08 PM EST
11 Nov 2016

How Europe Should Deal with a Trump Administration

Real Instituto Elcano. Spain. 05:05 PM EST
10 Nov 2016

Europe, Alone in Trump’s World

European Council on Foreign Relations. 02:50 PM EST

Trump Wins – What Happens Next?

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 02:49 PM EST
7 Nov 2016

US Democracy in Question: OAS Monitoring Presidential Election

Council on Hemispheric Relations. United States. 04:31 PM EST

The Libyan Political Agreement: Time for a Reset

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:29 PM EST
3 Nov 2016

It is Time for South Africa’s President to Resign?

Transparency International. Germany. 03:26 PM EDT

China and Russia: Gaming the West

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:26 PM EDT

Al-Nusra is Stronger Than Ever

RAND Corporation. United States. 03:25 PM EDT
1 Nov 2016

Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq

Lowy Institute for International Policy. Australia. 03:23 PM EDT

African Powers Must Support Democracy in DR Congo

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:22 PM EDT

The Push for Peace in Israel-Palestine

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:22 PM EDT
31 Oct 2016

Beyond the Wall: What ‘America First’ Would Mean for Latin America

Council on Hemispheric Relations. United States. 05:11 PM EDT
28 Oct 2016

Arab Geopolitics in Turmoil - Perceptions, Unknown and Policies

Gulf Research Center. Saudi Arabia. 04:13 PM EDT
27 Oct 2016

America After the Election

German Council on Foreign Relations. 03:24 PM EDT

25 Years of Indian Economic Reform

Cato Institute. United States. 03:23 PM EDT

A Blow to South Africa’s Soft Power: Leaving the ICC

South African Institute of International Affairs. 03:22 PM EDT
26 Oct 2016

Brazil’s Stubborn Machismo

Council on Hemispheric Affairs. 11:21 AM EDT
24 Oct 2016

The Limits of Duterte’s US-China Rebalance

The Diplomat. Japan. 04:08 PM EDT

Bizarro World Has Taken over Global Politics

The Lowy Institute. Australia. 04:03 PM EDT
21 Oct 2016

What Would Victory in Mosul Look Like?

Chatham House. England. 01:25 PM EDT

Pakistan–China: Strategic Partnership Means Business

International Institute for Strategic Studies. United States. 01:21 PM EDT

A New Approach to Thailand's Insurgency

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 01:18 PM EDT
20 Oct 2016

Turkish Stream: The Cost of Russia’s Stubbornness

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 04:09 PM EDT

Is Belgium’s Veto of CETA the Beginning of the End of EU Trade Policy?

Centre for European Policy Studies. Belgium. 04:08 PM EDT

Implications of a Complete Sealing of the India-Pakistan Border

Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis. India. 04:08 PM EDT
19 Oct 2016

Against Complacency: Risks and Opportunities for the Australia-US Alliance

The United States Studies Centre. Australia. 12:40 PM EDT