In Depth: Think Tank Research

24 Feb 2017

Military Spending for A New Strategic Reality

Stimson Center. US. 01:55 PM EST

Israel: Human Rights Watch Denied Work Permit

Human Rights Watch. US. 11:39 AM EST
23 Feb 2017

European Security in Its Winter of Discontent

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Sweden. 01:00 PM EST

Afghanistan: Is Stalemate Acceptable?

Council on Foreign Relations. 12:59 PM EST

The Turkish Media Today: What’s Left?

French Institute of International Relations. 12:58 PM EST
22 Feb 2017

McMaster on Future War from May 2016

Center for Strategic and International Studies. US. 02:53 PM EST

Maintaining US Leadership on Internet Governance

Council on Foreign Relations. US. 02:46 PM EST
21 Feb 2017

Pakistan: Stoking the Fire in Karachi

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:28 PM EST

Preparing for a Potential Post-Mugabe Crisis in Zimbabwe

Council on Foreign Relations. 03:27 PM EST
17 Feb 2017

Berlin’s Foreign Policy Dilemma

Brookings. US. 02:04 PM EST

What’s a NATO Ally Worth: Getting Beyond the Two Percent Benchmark

Center for a New American Security. US. 01:52 PM EST
16 Feb 2017

Restoring the Power Projection Capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces

RAND Corporation. United States. 02:49 PM EST

Violent Conflict and Vital Interests: Keeping Focus

United States Institute of Peace. 02:48 PM EST

Tracking the Trends and Numbers: Islam, Terrorism, Stability and Conflict in the Middle East

Center for Strategic and International Studies. US. 02:46 PM EST
15 Feb 2017

Can US-Israel ‘Special Relationship’ Be Saved?

Wilson Center. US. 02:39 PM EST
14 Feb 2017

Can Trump and Netanyahu Make Process Towards Peace Deal?

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:50 PM EST

A New Era for the US-Japan Alliance

Council on Foreign Relations. 04:50 PM EST

North Korea Tests a Missile, and Donald Trump

Heritage Foundation. United States. 04:49 PM EST
13 Feb 2017

Syria: Coordinated Chemical Attacks on Aleppo

Human Rights Watch. US. 02:50 PM EST
10 Feb 2017

Women Are Key to Counterterrorism

Council on Foreign Relations. US. 02:04 PM EST

Duterte's Pivot to Putin

Center for Strategic and International Studies. US. 12:53 PM EST
9 Feb 2017

China’s Kashmir Policies and Crisis Management in South Asia

United States Institute of Peace. 03:14 PM EST

The Threat America Is Neglecting in Afghanistan

Wilson Center. US. 03:14 PM EST

Beijing's Buildup in the Paracels

Center for Strategic and International Studies. US. 02:41 PM EST
8 Feb 2017

Why the World Needs to Police the Growing Anarchy of Cyberspace

Council on Foreign Relations. US. 02:42 PM EST

Assessing Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Wilson Center. US. 02:32 PM EST

NATO and the Delicate Balance of Deterrance

Center for Strategic and International Studies. US. 02:28 PM EST
7 Feb 2017

Trump’s Israel Settlement Policy Breaks Ground

Council on Foreign Relations. 04:29 PM EST

Trump, DeVos, and the Changing Politics of Charter Schools

Brookings Institution. United States. 04:28 PM EST

Is an India-Myanmar Border Fence Necessary?

Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis. India. 04:28 PM EST
6 Feb 2017

The Islamic State's Drone Documents: Management, Acquisitions, and Tradecraft

Combating Terrorism Center. United States. 02:52 PM EST

Brexit Implications for Falkland/Malvinas Dispute

Council on Hemispheric Affairs. US. 01:33 PM EST
3 Feb 2017

Yemen’s al-Qaeda: Expanding the Base

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 01:51 PM EST

As Global Violence Expands, How Can Aid Adapt?

United States Institute of Peace 12:59 PM EST

China’s Priorities for 2021

Chatham House. UK. 10:32 AM EST
2 Feb 2017

Eyes on Xi Jinping: The Struggle for Power in Vietnam

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 03:59 PM EST

Yemen’s al-Qaeda: Expanding the Base

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:59 PM EST
1 Feb 2017

A Strategy to Counter ISIL as a Transregional Threat

RAND Corporation. United States. 01:47 PM EST

It's Time to Create a Megacities Combat Unit

Modern War Institute. US. 12:49 PM EST
31 Jan 2017

Gambia’s Crisis Proves Africa’s Democratic Resolve

South African Institute of International Affairs. 04:20 PM EST

Europe’s Trump-China Dilemma

European Council on Foreign Relations. 04:20 PM EST

Peace After Colombia’s Plebiscite

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:19 PM EST
30 Jan 2017