In Depth: Think Tank Research

2 Feb 2017

Eyes on Xi Jinping: The Struggle for Power in Vietnam

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 03:59 PM EST

Yemen’s al-Qaeda: Expanding the Base

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:59 PM EST
1 Feb 2017

A Strategy to Counter ISIL as a Transregional Threat

RAND Corporation. United States. 01:47 PM EST

It's Time to Create a Megacities Combat Unit

Modern War Institute. US. 12:49 PM EST
31 Jan 2017

Gambia’s Crisis Proves Africa’s Democratic Resolve

South African Institute of International Affairs. 04:20 PM EST

Europe’s Trump-China Dilemma

European Council on Foreign Relations. 04:20 PM EST

Peace After Colombia’s Plebiscite

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:19 PM EST
30 Jan 2017
27 Jan 2017

It is Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. United States. 02:28 PM EST

Terrorism and Mental Health in the Age of the Islamic State

Combating Terrorism Center. United States. 01:48 PM EST
26 Jan 2017

Theresa May Goes to Washington

European Council on Foreign Relations. 04:18 PM EST
25 Jan 2017

Corruption Perceptions Index 2016

Transparency International. Germany. 01:56 PM EST

Democracy Index 2016

The Economist Intelligence Unit. United Kingdom. 01:41 PM EST
24 Jan 2017

The Middle East’s Delusions About Trump

Council on Foreign Relations. 04:26 PM EST

What’s at Stake in the Syrian Peace Talks in Astana?

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 04:25 PM EST

The Twilight of the Liberal World Order

Brookings Institution. United States. 04:25 PM EST
23 Jan 2017

DARPA’s Game Of Drones

Atlantic Council. US. 02:15 PM EST

Patterns of Islamic State-Related Terrorism, 2002-2015

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. US. 01:53 PM EST

Superpartner: A US Strategy for a Complex World

Atlantic Council. US. 01:52 PM EST
19 Jan 2017

Developing Senior Leaders for the Reserve Components

RAND Corporation. US. 03:01 PM EST

Why Washington Doesn’t Debate Grand Strategy

Cato Institute. US. 02:28 PM EST

Nigeria: Satellite Imagery Shows Strikes on Settlement

Human Rights Watch. US. 02:24 PM EST
18 Jan 2017

Strategic Choices for a Turbulent World

RAND Corporation. United States. 02:19 PM EST

The Global Terror Threat and Counterterrorism Challenges Facing the Next Administration

Combating Terrorism Center. United States. 02:13 PM EST
17 Jan 2017

Obama’s Uncertain Legacy

Brookings Institution. United States. 04:54 PM EST

Will the Paris Conference Set Back Peace?

German Council on Foreign Relations. 04:53 PM EST

The US and China at the Outset of the Trump Era

Institute for National Security Studies. Israel. 04:52 PM EST
16 Jan 2017

The Iran Nuclear Deal: One Year Later

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:32 PM EST

How to Avoid a Post-Truth World

European Council on Foreign Relations. 03:31 PM EST

The Risk of Collision: Trump and Kim Jong-un

Carnegie Moscow Center. Russia. 03:31 PM EST
11 Jan 2017

Pre-emptive Compromise Would Imperil Ukraine

Chatham House. England. 05:15 PM EST
9 Jan 2017

Preventing State Collapse in Syria

RAND Corporation. United States. 03:28 PM EST

Cuba, a Model of Sustainable Agriculture Towards Global Food Security

Council on Hemispheric Relations. United States. 03:23 PM EST

The Gulf and Latin America: Exploring New Avenues of Exchange

Gulf Research Council. Saudi Arabia. 03:13 PM EST

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2017

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:11 PM EST
5 Jan 2017

President Obama’s Pursuit of Cyber Deterrence Ends in Failure

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 04:41 PM EST

The EU Cannot Afford to Just ‘Muddle Through’ on Turkey

European Policy Centre. Belgium. 04:40 PM EST
3 Jan 2017

Ideology Should Not Guide Foreign Policy

Carnegie Moscow Institute 05:08 PM EST
27 Dec 2016

China’s First Cyber Security Law

Institute for Defence Studies. India. 04:57 PM EST

The Demise of Anglo-American Economic Leadership

Chatham House. England. 04:55 PM EST

Populism Comes to South Korea

Chatham House. England. 04:21 PM EST
21 Dec 2016

What Are Turkey and Russia Doing in Syria?

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 03:36 PM EST
15 Dec 2016

Myanmar: A New Muslim Insurgency

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 03:10 PM EST