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9 Oct 2015

Tunisia Lawmaker Escapes Assassination Attempt

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 12:04 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Algeria: The Generals' Endless Autumn

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 12:00 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Iran and Saudi Arabia Move Beyond Proxy Conflict

Middle East Monitor. United Kingdom. 11:53 AM EDT

ISIS Executes Dozens of Iraqi Tribesmen

ARA News. Syria. 11:51 AM EDT

OPINION. Europe Must Unite to Deliver Syria from ISIS and Assad

Guy Verhofstadt. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 11:41 AM EDT

OPINION. War is Exposing Cracks in Russian Society

Ivan Sukhov. The Moscow Times. 11:23 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Putin and Friends

Up North. Finland. 11:16 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. UK's Tories and Social Mobility

New Statesman. United Kingdom. 11:14 AM EDT

Protesting MPs Set Off Tear Gas in Kosovar Parliament

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:06 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. In Morocco, A Battle Royal

The Africa Report. France. 10:46 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. For Nigeria's Buhari At Last a Cabinet, and Now for the Policies

Africa Confidential. United Kingdom. 10:45 AM EDT

Nigerian Army Battles Boko Haram in Yobe State

Vanguard. Nigeria. 10:44 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. When Murder Happens in South Africa

Daily Maverick. South Africa. 10:41 AM EDT

OPINION. Africa's Old Men's Club Out of Touch With Continent's Suave, Burgeoning Youth

David E Kiwuwa. Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 10:39 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Should Sex Work be Formalized in South Africa?

eNCA. South Africa. VIDEO. 10:37 AM EDT

ANALYSIS. Explaining the South Sudan Peace Process

Radio Tamazuj. South Sudan. 10:24 AM EDT
7 Oct 2015

Donald Trump Can’t Get the Middle East Right

Michael J. Totten's blog Over the span of just over a week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has changed his position on Syria twice and even reversed himself once, but he still can’t find the right answer. On Meet the Press over the ...

Russia to Consider Air Strikes in Iraq

The Jerusalem Post. Israel. 02:40 PM EDT

Suu Kyi: Plans to Lead Myanmar Even if Not Elected

The Nation. Thailand. 02:03 PM EDT

OPINION. Nepal’s Constitution and Lessons for India

Mukesh Rawat. The Diplomat. 02:01 PM EDT

Four Arrested in Terrorism Linked Shooting in Australia

International Business Times. 02:00 PM EDT

Thailand PM Urges Patience for Democracy's Return

Voice of America News. 02:00 PM EDT

Australia Seeking New Destinations For Refugees

The Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia. 01:59 PM EDT

OPINION. South Korea Should Deal with Japan Separately on TPP

Yi Whan-woo. The Korea Times. South Korea. 01:58 PM EDT

ANALYSIS. Pressure on China to Counter Agreement's Impact

Straits Times. Singapore. 01:56 PM EDT