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Brussels Emerges from Lockdown

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 06:41 AM EST

OPINION. Warplane Downing Was Bound to Happen, Shouldn’t Prevent Peace.

Mary Dejevsky. The Guardian. United Kingdom. 06:41 AM EST

France Ramps Up Pressure on Spain to Fight ISIS

El País. Spain. 06:40 AM EST

Turkey Does Not Want Escalation with Russia

Hürriyet Daily News. Turkey. 06:39 AM EST

Obama Backs Turkey, Urges De-Escalation

The Journal of Turkish Weekly. 06:39 AM EST

French PM: EU Cannot Take Any More Refugees

Radio France Internationale. 06:38 AM EST

OPINION. EU Response to Migrant Crisis Conditioned by Eurozone Crisis

Angelos Chryssogelos. EU Observer. Belgium. 06:37 AM EST

Chinese Show Interest in Bulgarian Infrastructure Development

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 06:36 AM EST

Missing Russian Pilot “Alive and Well”

BBC News. United Kingdom. 06:35 AM EST

Russia Stops Gas Supplies to Ukraine

Kyiv Post. 06:34 AM EST
24 Nov 2015

Suddenly, Dialogue with North Korea is in Vogue

South Korea, China, and the UN have shown an interest in renewed talks with North Korea, but Kim's murderous and unpredictable ways at home and abroad don't inspire confidence.

South Korean President Calls for Passage of Anti-Terrorism Bills

The Korea Times. South Korea. 03:36 PM EST

Thai Authorities Indict Two Men Over August Shrine Attack

Voice of America News. 03:33 PM EST

China Proposes Firm to Fund Projects in Europe

Radio Free Asia. 03:27 PM EST

Armed Men Take Hostages in Northern France

Telesur TV. Venezuela. 02:40 PM EST

Transcript of Russian-Iranian Talks


Statement by NSC Spokesperson Ned Price on Burundi

STATEMENT. United States. 01:02 PM EST

How to Address the Cause, Not the Symptoms, of ISIS

Council on Foreign Relations. 12:39 PM EST

Decision to Keep Syria Running was a Masterstroke

Lowy Institute for International Affairs. 12:38 PM EST

OPINION. Why Do Some Turks approve of ISIS Terrorism?

Kadri Gursel . Al Monitor. United States. 11:54 AM EST

NATO Calls Meeting After Turkey Downs Russian Jet

Your Middle East. Sweden. 11:53 AM EST

OPINION. Egyptian Women Caught Between the Culture and the Religion

Mohammed El Serfy. Your Middle East. Sweden. 11:52 AM EST

Syrian Rebels Strike Russian Helicopter

Al Bawaba News. Jordan. 11:50 AM EST

Rival Libyan Tribes Sign Peace Deal, Ends Months of Fighting

Middle East Online. England. 11:50 AM EST

ANALYSIS: Lebanon is a Sectarian Volcano

Ya Libnan. Lebanon. 11:46 AM EST

Turkey Calls for UNSC Meeting Over Russian Jet Issue

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:45 AM EST

Violence in Israel Spreads as Kerry, Netanyahu Meet

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:44 AM EST

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Bombing in Egypt’s Sinai

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:44 AM EST

ANALYSIS. The Netanyahu-Kerry Meeting: A Tale of Two Readouts

The Jerusalem Post. Israel. 11:43 AM EST