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26 May 2015

Rohingyas Refugees All Out At Sea

South Asia Monitor. India. 12:19 PM EDT
1 Apr 2015

Conducting India-Sri Lanka Relations The Modi Way

South Asia Monitor. India. 11:21 AM EDT
30 Nov 2010

Is Letting Pakistan Collapse an Option?

South Asia Analysis. India. 07:00 PM EST
25 Mar 2015

China: Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Drive to Net More ‘Tigers’?

South Asia Analysis Group. India. 11:52 AM EDT
19 Jul 2011

OPINION. US Secretary Clinton’s Hits and Misses in India

Rajeev Sharma. South Asia Analysis Group. Pakistan. 08:00 PM EDT
9 Feb 2010

Karachi and Af-Pak Policy Options

B. Raman. South Asia Analysis Group. India. OPINION. 07:00 PM EST
31 Jan 2010

Pakistan-India Peace Strategically Impossible

Subhash Kapila. South Asia Analysis Group. India. ESSAY. 07:00 PM EST
26 Dec 2007

Bad News

Michael J. Totten's blog Benazir Bhutto was killed in Pakistan by a suicide bomber . South Asia Pakistan Violence ...

18 Sep 2012

Protests Claim Another Casualty

Michael J. Totten's blog Fox News reports that a protester in Pakistan died after inhaling smoke and fumes from burning American flags . North America South Asia Pakistan US Activism ...

27 Dec 2011

The Next al-Qaeda? Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Future of Terrorism in South Asia

Lashkar-e-Taiba has morphed from a militia operating in Kashmir to a regional broker with designs on becoming the next global terror network.
3 Jun 2012

Quote of the Day

in Pakistan’s Daily Times . South Asia Pakistan Violence Independence Drones ...

22 Jun 2010

Good Call, Mr. President

South Asia Afghanistan David Petraeus ...

13 Nov 2009

Amazing Photographs from Afghanistan

at the Denver Post Media Center. South Asia Afghanistan Journalism ...

25 Sep 2009

Censoring Afghanistan

South Asia Afghanistan UK Journalism ...

31 Aug 2016

Is the Chinese Military Stirring Conflict in South Asia?

If China and India are to stabilize relations, Beijing must isolate any renegade generals who appear to be freelancing with the army and stirring up tensions in Kashmir.
15 May 2018

ANALYSIS. Cascades of Violence Across South Asia

The Diplomat. Japan. 03:27 PM EDT
6 Oct 2017

Dhaka Warns South Asia of Refugee Consequence

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 02:19 PM EDT
16 Aug 2017

OPINION. South Asia's Nuclear Flashpoint

N Elahi. Daily Times. Pakistan. 01:24 PM EDT
23 Jun 2017

ANALYSIS. How Sun Tzu Sheds Light on the Shifting Alliances in South Asia

Cary Huang. South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 01:34 PM EDT
5 May 2017

India Calls Satellite 'Gift to South Asia', Pakistan Says No Thanks

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 01:57 PM EDT
9 Feb 2017

China’s Kashmir Policies and Crisis Management in South Asia

United States Institute of Peace. 03:14 PM EST
17 Jan 2017
1 Nov 2016
1 Sep 2016
26 Jul 2016
27 Jul 2016

OPINION. The Implications of a Nuclearized South Asia

Daily Times. Pakistan. 02:30 PM EDT
13 Jun 2016
26 Apr 2016

Indian Ocean Region Strategic Net Assessment: The South Asia Subregion

Center for Strategic and International Studies. 11:46 AM EDT
19 Apr 2016
2 Feb 2016

OPINION. Have Rape Crimes Become the New Norm in South Asia?

Dr. Habib Siddiqui. Eurasia Review. Spain. 03:17 PM EST
4 Jan 2016

OPINION. Gas Pipeline Runs Through South Asia's Tensions

Barnett Rubin. Al Jazeera. 02:40 PM EST
21 Oct 2015
11 Sep 2015

OPINION. US Counter-Terrorism Strategy In South Asia

ASM Ali Ashraf. The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 01:25 PM EDT
10 Aug 2015

Economics of Influence: China and India in South Asia

Council on Foreign Relations. 12:01 PM EDT
13 Jul 2015
7 Jul 2015

OPINION. Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia

Musa Khan Jalalzai. Daily Times. Pakistan. 01:18 PM EDT
5 May 2015

Deterrence Instability & Nuclear Weapons In South Asia

Stimson Center. United States. 01:52 PM EDT
1 May 2015
27 Apr 2015

EU To Re-Open South-Asia Trade Talks

EUobserver. Belgium. 10:23 AM EDT
14 Apr 2015

ANALYSIS. Nuclear Tensions Rising in South Asia

Jawad Iqbal. BBC. 02:33 PM EDT
23 Mar 2015