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16 Dec 2011

Zimbabwean PM Asks for More Electoral Reforms

Reuters Africa. 11:31 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Libya: Divided It Stands

Reuters. 11:29 AM EST

FEATURE. Arafat’s Intimate Portrait

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 11:27 AM EST

Six Palestinian Women, Fifty-Five Children Due to be Released in Second Prisoners' Swap

Ma’an News Agency. Palestinian Territories. 11:24 AM EST

ANALYSIS. Palestinian Rivals United by Drift

The Jerusalem Post. 11:23 AM EST

Europe, N America Launch Probe to Seize Assets of Mubarak, Ben Ali

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:20 AM EST

Human Rights Watch Urges NATO to Probe Civilian Deaths in Libya

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:19 AM EST

Russia Seizes Iran-Bound Radioactive Material in Passenger’s Luggage

Al Arabiya News Channel. United Arab Emirates. 11:18 AM EST

Violent Crackdown Leaves Ten Injured in Cairo

The Daily News Egypt. 11:17 AM EST

Putin Support Hits New Low

The Wall Street Journal. 08:50 AM EST

US Military Hands Over Control of Last Iraq Base

Agence France Presse. 08:47 AM EST
15 Dec 2011

Christopher Hitchens and the Battle of Beirut

Michael J. Totten's blog I intend to write more about Christopher Hitchens now that he has left a Hitch-sized hole in the world, but in the meantime let’s revisit the famous and infamous Battle of Beirut. I wrote about this on my blog after it ...

What Happened to the Egyptian General?

“I did nothing wrong. I expressed my opinion through the media. But I won’t do it again, out of deference to you.”

India to Provide New Nuclear Reactor Site for Russia

Hindustan Times. India. 03:14 PM EST

Taliban: US-Led Forces Losing War in Afghanistan

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 03:13 PM EST

Ex-Taliban Officials: No Knowledge of Office in Qatar

The Washington Post. 03:12 PM EST

UN: Opium Production on the Rise in Myanmar

Straits Times. Singapore. 03:05 PM EST

ANALYSIS. Can China Handle America’s Return?

The Diplomat. Japan. 02:49 PM EST

Six N Korean Border Guards Flee to China

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 02:46 PM EST

Thousands Rally Against Land Grabbing in China Village

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 02:45 PM EST

Homemade Bomb Kills Two in Philippines

Straits Times. Singapore. 02:43 PM EST

Hungary, Czech Republic Object to European Tax Plan

European Voice. Belgium. 02:35 PM EST