In Depth: Communism

10 Mar 2015

Is China’s One-Party State on the Brink?

An essay by a prominent China-watcher and insider, David Shambaugh, signals that doubts are rising that the country’s one-party state can long endure.
9 Feb 2015

An Ominous Chinese Military Parade

Why has Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for an unusual parade at the end of the summer? Some see a disturbing attempt to quell internal rivals or intimidate wary neighbors.
4 Feb 2015

What to Do About China’s New Cybersecurity Regulations?

Council on Foreign Relations. United States. 11:54 AM EST
30 Jan 2015
28 Jan 2015

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un to Visit Russia in May: Kremlin

Yonhap News Agency. South Korea. 11:37 AM EST
26 Jan 2015

South Korea Refuses to ‘Coax’ North with Concessions

Bangkok Post. Thailand. 03:02 PM EST
22 Dec 2014
5 May 2014

China Demolishes Megachurch

Chinese authorities have destroyed the Sanjiang Church, but the decision to even build the megachurch in the first place shows the weakening of the Communist Party’s control over religion.
3 Dec 2013

The Once Great City of Havana

Old Havana’s facelift may attract tourists, but the true Cuba lurks behind the façade, rotting away in communist squalor.
3 Oct 2013

ANALYSIS. Obama Chose to Avoid War Based on 'Credibility'

Le Monde Diplomatique. France. 03:43 PM EDT
30 Sep 2013
25 Sep 2013

China’s Leaders Ignore Dissent at their Peril

Chinese leaders, misreading the cause of the USSR's breakup, are doubling down on ideology at the moment when they should be responsive to an emboldened and dissenting public.
18 Sep 2013

OPINION. Can the Chinese Communist Party Still Reform?

The Diplomat. Japan. 02:25 PM EDT
13 Sep 2013

Maoists' Urban Movement

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. India. 12:06 PM EDT
5 Sep 2013

Xi Jinping, China's Strongman in the Making?

In what looks like a purge of political rivals, Xi Jinping seems to be prosecuting major Beijing players with vigor. Could it mark a shift away from decades of party stability?
30 Aug 2013

Central Europe’s Velvet Power: Can It Reinvigorate EU Foreign Policy?

Having shaken off the Soviet yoke, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have made significant political and economic progress. Now can they make their mark in the EU?
23 Aug 2013

Remembering Seven Dissidents and Soviet Brutality

Forty-five years ago, seven brave people protested the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in Moscow's Red Square. The high price they paid for their stand is a reminder that iron-fisted rulers rarely speak for everyone.
20 Aug 2013

Reader Feedback Needed

Michael J. Totten's blog The Middle East has never been the only part of the world I want to visit and write about, and I’d like to branch out again. My first attempt to expand my beat, so to speak, was a smashing success. Of the four books I’ve ...

7 Aug 2013

Soliciting China—a Failed Policy

Just what does Beijing mean when it speaks of “a new type of great-power relationship” in Chinese foreign policy? It’s hard to say, but Washington’s solicitous response to it has failed.
5 Aug 2013

Japan's Communist Party Makes a Comeback

The Christian Science Monitor. United States. 03:48 PM EDT
15 Jul 2013

The Fall of Maoist Revolution

Indian Defence Review. 12:28 PM EDT
28 Jun 2013

The Illusion of Cuban Reform: Castro Strikes Out

The “reforms” Raúl Castro announced after taking over from his brother Fidel are as comical as they are tragic—a mixed bag of dumb ideas, self-dealing, and more of the same old repression.
25 Jun 2013

On Nationalism and Fascism, Part 3

It makes perfect sense for liberals and democrats to oppose fascism, but when it comes to nationalism, whose aim is often liberation, their attitude should be open, and cautiously welcoming.
18 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013

India's Maoist Rebels Attack Passanger Train

The National. United Arab Emirates. 11:05 AM EDT
5 Jun 2013

India Split on Ways to Combat Maoist Rebels

The National. United Arab Emirates. 03:34 PM EDT
28 May 2013

OPINION. India Must Go All-Out to Stop Maoist Terror

Kamal Davar. Hindustan Times. India. 11:38 AM EDT
26 May 2013
22 May 2013

Xi Jinping's Maze with No Exit

China’s new leadership wants to restructure the country’s economy while maintaining the Communist Party's grip on power and privilege—leaving its domestic and foreign policies conflicted and contradictory.
1 May 2013

Beijing ‘Punishes’ Britain

The Guardian reports Beijing “punished” PM Cameron for meeting the Dalai Lama and rewarded French President Hollande’s “get along” policy. The wiser policy is to stand up to dictators.
29 Apr 2013
19 Apr 2013

One Suspect Down, Massive Manhunt Underway for a Second

Michael J. Totten's blog One suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead, and a second is running. Suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police officers. He was treated at Beth Israel Medical Center where he was later ...

12 Apr 2013

A Defining Moment in Ukraine's Future

Ukraine’s ruling Party of Regions has taken the country to the edge of tyranny, ominously establishing a new "parliament" outside the Constitution as Lenin's Bolsheviks did in 1917.
9 Apr 2013

Margaret Thatcher Understood Russia

From Gorbachev to Putin, Margaret Thatcher had a keen eye for Russian politics—and a keen interest in the freedom of the Russian people, both during and after Communism.
12 Mar 2013

The Shangpu Revolution

A year after Wukan villagers in China protested unfair land seizures by local Communist Party officials and then took control of their community, residents of Shangpu are now following their lead and fighting to self-govern.
4 Mar 2013
1 Mar 2013
27 Feb 2013

China’s Looming Crisis: Daunting Troubles Mount

China’s slowing growth, increasing unemployment, legendary corruption, overcrowding, and vast wealth disparity have spiked social unrest and spooked elites, who are leaving with their billions.

Mapping North Korea’s Brutal Labor Camps

As North Korea’s systemic human rights abuses get a hearing at the UN, Curtis Melvin explains how he has used the latest satellite images of the country to report the expansion of the regime’s gruesome gulags.
22 Feb 2013

Fixing Ukraine’s Villages One House at a Time

After years of Soviet destruction, Nazi occupation, and postwar repercussions, the Ukrainian countryside is still in bad shape. But a few people have a crazy little idea that just might be fixing it.
13 Feb 2013

Truth or Dare: China's Leader Asks for 'Sharp Criticism'

Why has China’s Communist leadership asked for criticism? Some fear it’s a trap to expose dissidents, but others have taken the chance to vocalize their harsh complaints.
8 Feb 2013

OPINION. Post-Communist Europe and a Post-Arab Spring Middle East

Anne Applebaum. The Washington Post. 11:13 AM EST
7 Feb 2013

Nepal's Maoists Move to End Country's Long-Running Crisis

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 02:33 PM EST
6 Feb 2013

How Should the US Respond to China's Cyber Attacks?

Chinese cyber attacks on US media, government, and private networks represent a growing threat to democratic societies around the world. It's time for Washington’s policy to reflect that.
28 Jan 2013

Run, Regionnaire, Run

Do recent friendly remarks by hard-line regime sympathizers in Ukraine show that President Yanukovych’s party is getting desperate? If history is any indication, yes.
17 Jan 2013

Can China Censor the Weather?

China’s leadership recently acknowledged the country’s severe pollution problem. While some hope this signals a chance for a new openness, Beijing’s track record indicates it’s probably just another show.