In Depth: Energy

27 Feb 2018

Nigeria Gets First Renewable Energy Academy in Africa

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:31 AM EST
28 Jul 2017

China Takes Over Romanian Energy Giant, Building Up Influence in Europe

Transitions Online. Czech Republic. 12:51 PM EDT
26 Jul 2017

Canada Loses $36bn Liquified Natural Gas Project

National Post. Canada. 11:07 AM EDT
28 Jun 2017
18 May 2017

US Firms to Sign Major Oil Deal with Saudi Arabia During Trump Visit

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:04 AM EDT

China Successfully Extracts Gas Hydrates from the South China Sea

South China Morning Post. Hong Kong. 10:53 AM EDT
19 Jan 2017

Turkmenistan Eyes Exporting Electricity via Afghanistan

Trend News Agency. Azerbaijan. 02:00 PM EST
27 Jun 2016

War and Energy in Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine has deeply impacted the energy sector, which has been inefficiently managed by oligarchs and is now also stunted by dealing with secessionist territories.
17 Dec 2015

The Baltic States' Vital Step Toward Energy Independence

The Baltic states may have declared independence a quarter-century ago, but new energy connections are bringing Lithuania and others a different kind of liberation from Russia’s grip.
26 Mar 2015

ANALYSIS. Energy Wars in the Middle East

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 10:47 AM EDT
24 Mar 2015

The European Energy Union: Behind the Hype, Where is the Beef?

Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations. Belgium. 12:50 PM EDT
20 Mar 2015
17 Mar 2015

Solar Eclipse Could Strain Europe’s Power Grid

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:26 AM EDT
5 Mar 2015
3 Mar 2015

ANALYSIS. The US Energy Pivot and Europe’s Oil Dilemma

Daniel Fiott and Sijbren De Jong and Jasper Ginn. Euobserver. Belgium. 11:33 AM EST
25 Feb 2015

OPINION. Iran Seeking Role In Selling Gas to Europe

Bruce Pannier. Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 10:34 AM EST
20 Feb 2015

Worst Blackouts in Decade Spur Ghana Opposition Protests

Bloomberg. United States. 10:59 AM EST
16 Feb 2015

Venezuela Oil Price Rises Significantly for Second Week

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 10:39 AM EST
9 Feb 2015

Venezuela Oil Barrel Jumps $6

Latin American Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 11:18 AM EST
6 Feb 2015

Revisiting Energy Security in Turbulent Times

Royal Institute for International Relations. Belgium. 12:37 PM EST
28 Jan 2015

US Energy Investments in the Caribbean on the Rise

El Universal. Venezuela. 02:35 PM EST
23 Jan 2015
9 Jan 2015

South Africa's Power Utility 'Running on Empty'

Mail&Guardian. South Africa. 11:41 AM EST
30 Dec 2014

ANALYSIS. The Growing Mekong Controversy

The Diplomat. Japan. 01:46 PM EST
29 Dec 2014

China, Japan Meet, Ink Energy Deals For First Time in 2 Years

China Radio International. 01:34 PM EST
16 Dec 2014

China, CEE Countries Vow to Boost Practical Cooperation

China Radio International. 12:42 PM EST
15 Dec 2014

Russian Risks Rise For China Energy Deals

Radio Free Asia. United States. 01:20 PM EST
11 Dec 2014

Russia, India Sign Energy Deals on Putin Visit

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 03:38 PM EST

Strengthening Indian-Russian Partnership

10 Dec 2014

Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia Discuss Energy, Transport

Journal of Turkish Weekly. 11:24 AM EST
8 Dec 2014

Russia Moves In On Finnish Nuclear Energy Market

The Parliament. Belgium. 11:01 AM EST
26 Nov 2014
18 Nov 2014

EU Seeks to Expand Energy Cooperation With Turkey

Journal of Turkish Weekly. 10:36 AM EST
12 Nov 2014
9 Feb 2014
24 Dec 2013