In Depth: Euromaiden

20 Nov 2015

A Frenchman Comes to Ukraine

The election of Michel Terestchenko as the mayor of a small town in northeastern Ukraine gives the lie to Kremlin propaganda about fascists pulling the strings of the Euromaidan.
21 May 2015

Germany Must Lead in Europe

The EU needs leadership, and as distasteful as seizing the initiative may be to most Germans, only Germany has the geopolitical resources to lead.
7 May 2015

The State of Ukraine

The veteran Ukraine-watcher Taras Kuzio has just returned from his latest research trip there and reports that pro-Kyiv forces seem to be making gains over pro-Russian ones.
23 Mar 2015

Is There Economic Reform in Ukraine?

It might not always look like it, especially to those eager for change, but recent data show that Ukraine’s much awaited reform process is quietly and steadily taking shape.
19 Mar 2015

Putin Celebrates First Anniversary of Seizing Crimea

The Jamestown Foundation. United States. 03:09 PM EDT
10 Mar 2015

Ukrainian Jewish Leader on Russian Aggression

Josef Zissels, a 69-year-old former dissident of Soviet-era Ukraine, does not mince words when it comes to Vladimir Putin’s aggression: “This disease,” he says, “must be stopped.”
9 Mar 2015

Has Putin Lost Germany?

The venerable German broadcaster ZDF has released a new documentary critical of Vladimir Putin—a sign that the EU establishment has turned against the Russian leader.

Ukraine: The High Cost of Ignoring Russia’s Land Grab in Crimea

Atlantic Council. United States. 12:34 PM EDT
24 Feb 2015

Why Russia Will Lose in Ukraine

As the Kremlin feasts on the corpse of its economy, alienates its neighbors, and consolidates itself as a rogue in the eyes of the civilized world, Vladimir Putin loses if he doesn't win big.

OPINION. Ukraine's New Lease of Civic Life

Yevhen Bystrytskyeu. Observer. Belgium. 10:08 AM EST
19 Feb 2015

ANALYSIS. Euromaidan's Bloodiest Day, Reflection on the One Year Anniversary

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Czech Republic. 11:53 AM EST