In Depth: ISIL

15 Feb 2018
23 Oct 2017
25 May 2017

NATO to Formally Join Anti-ISIS Coalition, But in Non-Combat Role

Al Jazeera. United Arab Emirates. 10:13 AM EDT
18 May 2017
15 Aug 2016

The Islamic State: From Insurgency to Caliphate and Back

Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. Israel. 01:50 PM EDT
29 Jul 2016

ISIS Executes 24 Civilians after Seizing Syrian Village

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:27 AM EDT
15 Jun 2016

Germany May Send Advanced Planes to Fight ISIL

Politico. Belgium. 11:31 AM EDT
13 Jun 2016

EDITORIAL. Sirte Retake Will Help Unite Libya

Khaleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 10:55 AM EDT
19 Feb 2016
30 Dec 2015
16 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015

OPINION. Another Iniquitous Division of the Middle East May Be No Better Than a Daesh Caliphate

Nasir Ahmed. Middle East Monitor. United Kingdom. 01:45 PM EST
23 Nov 2015

Transatlantic Unity: Indispensable in the Defeat of Tyranny

“We must stand together in defense of the same principles that have united us … our right to live together in peace, in security, and in freedom, in open and tolerant societies.”
19 Nov 2015

Syria Rebels, Army Pursue Ceasefire Talks Near Damascus

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 12:16 PM EST
15 Sep 2015
1 Sep 2015

ANALYSIS. After Peshmerga Victory, Homes Looted, Destroyed

Iraq Oil Report. United States. 11:07 AM EDT

UN Confirms Palmyra Temple Destroyed

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 11:06 AM EDT
13 Aug 2015

Truck Bomb Kills Almost 60 in Baghdad Market

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:53 AM EDT
12 Aug 2015

Nusra Announces Surprise Withdrawal from Frontline Against ISIS

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 10:22 AM EDT
20 Jul 2015
13 Jul 2015

OPINION. Give the Brave Kurds a Fighting Chance

Shulamit Binah. The Times of Israel. 10:53 AM EDT
8 Jul 2015

Syria Army Takes Control of Areas Near Palmyra

Press TV. Iran. 10:29 AM EDT
7 Jul 2015

OPINION. Ramadan 2015 in the ‘Caliphate State’

Jalal Zein Eddine. Now. Lebanon. 10:17 AM EDT
6 Jul 2015
2 Jul 2015
29 Jun 2015

OPINION. Daily, Iraq Inches Closer to Hunger

Hadi Fathallah. The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:12 AM EDT
26 Jun 2015
25 Jun 2015

Shiite Fighters at Iraq’s Taqaddum Base Not Working With US Forces

Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:23 AM EDT

ISIS Fighters Reenter Syria’s Kobane

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 11:02 AM EDT
22 Jun 2015

Syrian Army Advances West of ISIS-Controlled Palmyra

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:02 AM EDT
19 Jun 2015

OPINON. Down the Iraqi Rabbit Hole Again

Andrew J. Bacevich. Middle East Eye. United Kingdom. 11:43 AM EDT
18 Jun 2015

Turkey Prevents Syrian Refugees From Returning to Tal Abyad, Syria

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 11:30 AM EDT