In Depth: Islamic State

13 Jul 2018
2 Feb 2018
8 Dec 2017

Iraq In New Push Against Daesh

Daily Star. Lebanon. 09:59 AM EST
29 Sep 2017

58 Syrian Government Fighters Killed in ISIS Attacks

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:42 AM EDT
25 May 2017

NATO to Formally Join Anti-ISIS Coalition, But in Non-Combat Role

Al Jazeera. United Arab Emirates. 10:13 AM EDT
18 May 2017
17 May 2017

Iraqi Forces Advance in Western Mosul

The Peninsula. Qatar. 02:52 PM EDT
2 May 2017

Dozens Killed in Taliban-ISIS Clash in Eastern Afghanistan

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 01:25 PM EDT

ISIS Attack Kills 32 at Syrian Refugee Camp

Middle East Online. 11:17 AM EDT

Leader of Arab League Says Pan-Arab Army is Needed to Defeat ISIS

The National. United Arab Emirates. 11:16 AM EDT
1 May 2017
20 Apr 2017

OPINION. How Far Will the US Go to Conquer ISIS?

Kahleej Times. United Arab Emirates. 10:44 AM EDT
19 Apr 2017

ISIS Claims Deadly Attack Near Egyptian Monastery in Sinai

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:28 AM EDT
6 Apr 2017

Afghanistan Warns ISIS Militants Against Entering Country

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 02:22 PM EDT
5 Apr 2017

Iraq Forces Kill Top ISIS Leader in Mosul

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 10:30 AM EDT
4 Apr 2017

ANALYSIS. Where is ISIS Leader Baghdadi?

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:20 AM EDT

ISIS Threatens US, Trump as it Releases ‘Kill List’

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 11:19 AM EDT
28 Mar 2017

ISIS Reportedly Threatens to Attack Iran

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 11:08 AM EDT
27 Mar 2017

US-Backed Syrian Fighters Capture Airport Near Raqqa From ISIS

The National. United Arab Emirates. 10:16 AM EDT
23 Mar 2017

ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Attack

Haaretz. Israel. 10:17 AM EDT
22 Mar 2017

ISIS Shells Mosul Areas Recaptured by Army

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:14 AM EDT
21 Mar 2017

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Monday’s Baghdad Bombing

The Daily Star. Lebanon. 11:28 AM EDT
20 Mar 2017

Iraqi Forces Kill 6 Top ISIS Leaders in Mosul

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 10:34 AM EDT
16 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017

No Evidence of ISIS Presence in Bangladesh: Top Official

The Daily Star. Bangladesh. 02:00 PM EDT
7 Mar 2017

Anti-ISIS Assaults Gain Ground in Iraq, Syria

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:39 AM EST
2 Mar 2017

OPINION. Risks in Trump’s Rush to Crush ISIS

Middle East Online. 10:36 AM EST
1 Mar 2017

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Acknowledges Defeat in Iraq

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 10:16 AM EST
28 Feb 2017
23 Feb 2017

Syrian Rebels Announce Recapture of Al-Bab from ISIS

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:24 AM EST
21 Feb 2017
16 Feb 2017
15 Feb 2017

French ISIS Leader Reportedly Captured in Syria’s Al-Bab

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 10:48 AM EST
14 Feb 2017

Mass Grave of Christian Civilians Found in West Mosul

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 11:17 AM EST
13 Feb 2017

UN Chief Guterres: End to Syrian Crisis Will Also End ISIS

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:13 AM EST
9 Feb 2017

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Afghan Court Attack

Tolo News. Afghanistan. 01:54 PM EST

Human Rights Watch: ISIS Used Mosul Hospital as Military Base

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 11:36 AM EST
8 Feb 2017
6 Feb 2017

NATO Begins Anti-ISIS Bomb Training in Iraq

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 10:25 AM EST
2 Feb 2017
1 Feb 2017

Senior ISIS Leader Killed in Mosul Airstrike

AhlulBayt News Agency. Iran. 10:38 AM EST
31 Jan 2017