In Depth: Journalism

15 Feb 2018

Rights Groups Call for Release of Uzbek Journalist

Transitions Online. Czech Republic. 03:30 PM EST
16 Aug 2016

Newspapers Covering Sudan Peace Talks Seized

Radio Dabanga. Sudan. 11:04 AM EDT
13 Jun 2016
29 Dec 2015
19 Aug 2015
28 Jan 2015

Tanzania Shuts Major East African Newspaper

Times LIVE. South Africa. 11:36 AM EST

Tanzania Shuts Major East African Newspaper

Times LIVE. South Africa. 11:36 AM EST
26 Jan 2015

Missing Mexican Journalist Found Dead, Mayor Accused of Orchestrating His Death

Latin American Dispatch. United States. 11:52 AM EST
23 Jan 2015
7 Jan 2015
16 Dec 2014

Middle East Most Dangerous Place for Journalists in 2014

Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 10:59 AM EST
11 Dec 2014

Arab World Journalism In A Post-Beheading Era

Al Jazeera Center for Studies 12:23 PM EST
9 Oct 2013
24 Sep 2013

Resisting Oppression, Tasting Tear Gas in Turkey

Ekin Sanac, a 31-year-old Istanbul-based editor, says in Turkey “the media is a sell-out, the state is a criminal, and the police and the army are and have been enemies to the public, the people.”
23 Sep 2013

In Brazil, Due Process is Do-Nothing

After an extraordinary buildup of public expectations for justice, the Brazilian Supreme Court has failed to punish “the worst case of political corruption in Brazilian history.”
11 Sep 2013

Deconstructing Putin on Ukraine

Putin's PR office did a terrible job translating a recent interview, but the resulting version—which refers to Ukraine and Russia as "one nation" instead of "one people"—is very revealing.

A Child Refugee in Syria's War

In Atmeh, the largest refugee camp in Syria, temporary home of 22,000 people, a single child's innocence is a reminder of what is lost in the crossfire of this brutal conflict.
8 Sep 2013

It's Tony Abbott Time!

How an unlikely conservative leader won a crushing election victory Down Under.
5 Sep 2013

Could Navalny Force a Political Crisis for Putin?

Alexei Navalny’s campaign for mayor of Moscow has energized opposition politics and voters. As his campaign closes in on Putin's candidate, the Kremlin might face a hard choice: a humiliating run-off or a rigged vote.
3 Sep 2013

Jailing of 60 Turkish Journalists Prompts Freedom of Media Questions

The National. United Arab Emirates. 09:47 AM EDT
30 Aug 2013

Misreading Iran’s Elections: Iranian Infighting and American Narcissism

President Rouhani might appear relatively reform-minded, but after three decades of disappointments by other Iranian “reformers,” outsiders should know better than to be optimistic.

Cyber Kleptomaniacs: Why China Steals Our Secrets

President Obama has declared that proliferation and state supported cyber espionage are the leading points of contention with Beijing. But does Beijing need to steal secrets to compete?

Dueling Narratives: Storytelling and Spin in Georgia

Was Georgia’s post-election transfer of power last year a democratic transition or a regime collapse? US policymakers who deny the obvious to cover past errors risk damaging bilateral ties.

The Resilience of Ukrainians, Despite Yanukovych

The resilience shown by Ukrainians in the face of economic mismanagement and political misrule proves that they will thrive once these obstacles are removed.
22 Aug 2013

OPINION. US Media Plays Catch Up on Egypt

Joyce Karam. Al Arabiya. United Arab Emirates. 11:57 AM EDT
21 Aug 2013
20 Aug 2013

Media Distortion and the Brotherhood's 'Peaceful' Activists

Mohamed Morsi’s supporters have been holding sit-ins and protests for more than a month, but are they really just nonviolent activists? A closer look would suggest otherwise.
5 Aug 2013
4 Aug 2013

Hezbollah Plays the Israel Card

Hezbollah has always used the specter of enemy Israel to paper over the dangerous rift between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Now locked in the fight of its life in Syria, Hezbollah needs the Israel card more than ever.