In Depth: Migrants

8 Dec 2017

Libya's PM Vows to Help Ease Migrant Suffering

News 24. South Africa. 10:17 AM EST

US Pulls Out of UN Migrant and Refugee Pact

All Africa. Djibouti. 11:51 AM EST
1 Dec 2017
29 Nov 2017

UN Wants Libya to Agree to Shut Down Migrant Camps

News 24. South Africa. 11:36 AM EST

Ghana Mad At Libya Slave Auctions

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:23 AM EST
18 Oct 2017

UN Tells of Shocking Abuse of Migrants in Libya Hub

Africa Review. Kenya. 11:59 AM EDT
5 Jun 2017

US Coast Guard Repatriates 25 Undocumented Dominicans

Dominican Today. Dominican Republic. 04:17 PM EDT
21 Sep 2016
15 Aug 2016

Kurds May Abandon Turkey after Coup Against Erdogan

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:19 AM EDT
21 Jul 2016

Bulgaria Detains 56 Migrants Attempting to Cross into Serbia

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:40 AM EDT
24 Jun 2016
22 Jun 2016
21 Jun 2016

Indonesia Vows Not to Tow Stranded Sri Lankans Out to Sea

Straits Times. Singapore. 01:44 PM EDT
20 Jun 2016
17 Jun 2016

162 ‘Stranded’ Nigerians Return from Libya

Daily Trust. Nigeria. 11:39 AM EDT
20 Apr 2016
19 Apr 2016
18 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016

Austria Starts Building Migrant Controls at Italian Border

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:36 AM EDT

OPINION. NGOs and the Lucrative Business of the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Philip Chrysopoulos. The Greek Reporter. 11:29 AM EDT

Greece Blasts Macedonia Over Migrant Border Violence

Ekathimerini. Greece. 11:27 AM EDT
6 Apr 2016

Deals Without Borders: Europe’s Foreign Policy on Migration

European Council on Foreign Relations. 12:25 PM EDT

EU Working on Fundamental Migrant Reforms

Ekathimerini. Greece. 11:29 AM EDT
4 Apr 2016
30 Mar 2016

UN Chief Urges United Global Action on Syria Refugee Crisis

Middle East Online. England. 11:48 AM EDT

OPINION. The EU's Deal with Turkey is Harsh, but the Alternative is Total Chaos

Peter Foster. The Telegraph. United Kingdom. 11:42 AM EDT
29 Mar 2016
22 Mar 2016

There’s No Love for the EU or Immigration, but Voters Must ask ‘What Are the Alternatives?’

Netherlands Institute of International Relations. 01:26 PM EDT

UNHCR Slams Greece's Migrant 'Detention Facilities'

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:51 AM EDT
21 Mar 2016
15 Mar 2016
9 Mar 2016

Hungary Declares State of Emergency Over Migrants

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:53 AM EST

Macedonia Also Moves to Close Western Balkan Route to Migrants

Sofia News Agency. Bulgaria. 11:52 AM EST

Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia Move to Close Migrant Route

Deutsche Welle. Germany. 11:51 AM EST
8 Mar 2016

Turkey, EU Plan 'One-In, One-Out' Deal to Tackle the Migration Crisis

New Statesman. United Kingdom. 11:37 AM EST