In Depth: Natural Disasters

Sri Lanka Mudslide, Floods Kill 25, Leave Scores Missing

Lanka Business Online. Sri Lanka 10:11 AM EDT
23 Jun 2015

World Bank: 500m USD for Nepal Reconstruction

The Himilayan Times. Nepal. 01:52 PM EDT

Mumbai’s Floods and the Political Establishment

Hindustan Times. India. 01:51 PM EDT
1 May 2015
29 Apr 2015

UN: Nepal Tells Foreign Rescue Teams Not to Come

The Bangkok Post. 02:41 PM EDT
24 Apr 2015
18 Mar 2015
17 Mar 2015
2 Apr 2014
18 Nov 2013

Disaster Systems Failed, Says Philippine President Aquino

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 12:33 PM EST
17 Oct 2013
15 Oct 2013

Fukushima Prepares as Threatening Typhoon Heads for Japan

Hindustan Times. India. 11:31 AM EDT
10 Oct 2013
9 Oct 2013
30 Sep 2013

TEPCO to Scrap Two Fukushima Reactors

The Daily Yomiuri. Japan. 09:49 AM EDT
27 Sep 2013
23 Sep 2013

Yanukovych Faces EU Integration and History

President Yanukovych of Ukraine doesn’t seem like a leader destined for greatness, but if he is genuine about starting the EU integration process in November, history might smile upon him.

Al Shabab Strikes Back

Michael J. Totten's blog Al Shabab, Somalia’s franchise of Al Qaeda, killed at least 68 people and wounded more than 175 when it seized control of the Westgate Premier Shopping Mall and took hostages in Nairobi this weekend. The Westgate looks like a ...

12 Sep 2013
7 Sep 2013

No Confidence

Michael J. Totten's blog It’s not Barack Obama’s fault that Syria is an epic disaster, nor is it his fault that it’s a lose-lose situation for the United States no matter what he decides to do about it, including the do-nothing option. But the ...

27 Aug 2013

UK Parliament Recalled for Emergency Session on Syria

The Independent. England. 10:45 AM EDT
16 Aug 2013

UN Seeks $98m in Emergency Aid for North Korea

The Japan Times. 10:16 AM EDT
15 Aug 2013
14 Aug 2013
12 Aug 2013

Can Beirut Be Paris Again?

Michael J. Totten's blog My latest essay in the print edition of City Journal is now available online . Here's the first part: Before it became the poster child for urban disaster areas in the mid-1970s, Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle ...

5 Aug 2013
29 Jul 2013

Pakistan Faces Uphill Battle to Stem Flood of Suicide Attacks

Channel News Asia. Singapore. 10:37 AM EDT
16 Jul 2013

Democracy, Still an Uneasy Export

Syria is only the latest country where the West is having trouble inspiring or supporting democracy. The Obama administration’s latest plans for the country hardly inspire hope for the project.
15 Jul 2013
5 Jul 2013

Required Reading

Michael J. Totten's blog NOW Lebanon columnist Michael Weiss is on fire. His entire piece, Between Sisi and Morsi , is magnificent, so go read it all. Here is but a taste. In a way, it’s hard not to sympathize with former anti-Mubarak agitators ...

3 Jul 2013

OPINION. India's Natural Disasters Made Worse By Ineffective Govt

Amrit Dhillon. The National. United Arab Emirates. 11:30 AM EDT
4 Jun 2013

Libya and Washington’s Iraq Syndrome

Libya’s purge of former Qaddafi officials from public office brings back uneasy memories of the US's early missteps in the Iraq occupation. But so far it seems to be working.