In Depth: Peace

29 Aug 2013

Colombia's Constitutional Court Rules Peace Talks with FARC Constitutional

Americas Quarterly. United States. 02:05 PM EDT
27 Aug 2013

ANALYSIS. Pakistan's Looming Water Crisis Could Threaten Regional Peace

The National. United Arab Emirates. 04:39 PM EDT

Former Militant Groups Seek Truce with Egyptian Army

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 11:11 AM EDT
26 Aug 2013

Desire for Peace Behind King Abdullah's Stance on Egypt

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 04:36 PM EDT

Egyptian Islamist Groups Seek Truce With Army

The Associated Press. 04:07 PM EDT

FARC Leader Rejects Referendum on Peace Deal

Colombia Reports. 11:21 AM EDT
23 Aug 2013

Karzai Heads to Pakistan for Talks on Afghan Peace Process

Voice of America. United States. 10:29 AM EDT
19 Aug 2013
15 Aug 2013

Releasing Palestinian Murderers to Restart Peace Talks

The Palestinian who butchered an aging Holocaust survivor with an axe in 1994 will be freed from an Israeli prison soon, along with 25 other murderers.
14 Aug 2013

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Resume amid Secrecy

The Jerusalem Post. 03:11 PM EDT

Great Expectations: Iran’s New President and the Nuclear Talks

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 10:50 AM EDT

Russia: Syrian Peace Talks Unlikely Before October

Al Bawaba. Jordan. 07:59 AM EDT

Ethiopia: Prospects for Peace in Ogaden

International Crisis Group. Belgium. 09:00 AM EDT
11 Aug 2013
9 Aug 2013

EDITORIAL. Netanyahu's Settlement Expansion Mocks Peace Talks

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 10:58 AM EDT
8 Aug 2013
6 Aug 2013

Colombia Countdown to Peace with FARC

With 220,000 dead over the 50-year struggle, President Santos of Colombia hopes to make peace with the guerrilla group FARC—a feat that could earn him a second term next year. But major obstacles remain.
5 Aug 2013

Pakistan, US Seeks Alternatives to Taliban Peace Talks in Doha

The Express Tribune. Pakistan. 03:45 PM EDT
1 Aug 2013

Warring Darfur Tribes Reach Tentative Ceasefire in Sudan

Arab News. Saudi Arabia. 10:07 AM EDT

OPINION. Peace Talks and the Palestinian 'Struggle'

Dan Diker. The Jerusalem Post. 11:53 AM EDT
30 Jul 2013

OPINION. What John Kerry's Peace Deal May Look Like

Ben Birnbaum. The New Republic. United States. 11:30 AM EDT
29 Jul 2013

ANALYSIS. Five Things to Watch for in the Middle East Peace Process

Gulf News. United Arab Emirates. 03:31 PM EDT