In Depth: Reform

5 Aug 2016

OPINION. Putting People First in Europe

Project Syndicate. Czech Republic. 11:51 AM EDT
20 Jun 2016

The EU Must Reform, With or Without the British

Netherlands Institute of International Relations. Netherlands. 02:43 PM EDT
6 Jun 2016

Nigeria: The Challenge of Military Reform Crisis Group

International Crisis Group 04:06 PM EDT
1 Jun 2015

China to Hong Kong: Forget Electoral Reform

Asia Sentinel. Hong Kong. 02:28 PM EDT
24 Mar 2015

Kuwait Riot Police Disperse Small Opposition Protest

Middle East Online. United Kingdom. 11:01 AM EDT
23 Mar 2015

Is There Economic Reform in Ukraine?

It might not always look like it, especially to those eager for change, but recent data show that Ukraine’s much awaited reform process is quietly and steadily taking shape.
25 Feb 2015

Re-monopolizing China's Industry

Twenty years after reformers in Beijing broke up the Maoist-era monopolies, a new round of government-directed mergers threatens to undermine China’s competitiveness.
6 Jan 2015
23 Dec 2014
19 Dec 2014

India Government Pushes Historic Tax Reform

The Hindu. India. 02:38 PM EST
21 Nov 2014

Does Ukraine’s Reform Plan Measure Up?

Compared to what Ukraine’s previous governments have accomplished in the past 25 years, Kyiv’s proposed reforms may be borderline amazing. Still, there’s much left to do.
14 Nov 2014

Leftist Groups Protest in Brazil for Political Reform 'Against the Right'

Latin America Herald Tribune. Venezuela. 02:37 PM EST
13 Nov 2014

Obama Warns that Myanmar is ‘backsliding’ on Democratic Reforms

Manila Standard Today. Philippines. 02:51 PM EST
4 Nov 2014

The Eerie Silence Before the EU Reform Storm

Carnegie Europe. Brussels. 01:17 PM EST
23 Sep 2013

In Brazil, Due Process is Do-Nothing

After an extraordinary buildup of public expectations for justice, the Brazilian Supreme Court has failed to punish “the worst case of political corruption in Brazilian history.”
20 Sep 2013
18 Sep 2013

OPINION. Can the Chinese Communist Party Still Reform?

The Diplomat. Japan. 02:25 PM EDT
17 Sep 2013
9 Sep 2013
30 Aug 2013

Central Europe’s Velvet Power: Can It Reinvigorate EU Foreign Policy?

Having shaken off the Soviet yoke, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have made significant political and economic progress. Now can they make their mark in the EU?
21 Aug 2013

Mexico's Bid for Oil Reform Sparks Protests

TIME. United States. 10:58 AM EDT
5 Aug 2013
31 Jul 2013

ANALYSIS. Doubts Grow over Spanish Government Reforms

Der Spiegel. Germany. 11:09 AM EDT
30 Jul 2013

Brazil's Post-Papal Test

After a triumphal visit by Pope Francis, Brazil now returns to its days of protest. The country’s ruling party is suffering in the polls and fighting a corruption scandal. The streets are watching.
29 Jul 2013

Despite Myanmar 'Reforms', Internal Spy Network Remains

The Associated Press. 11:05 AM EDT
23 Jul 2013

Hollande Faces Uphill Battle in French Pension Reform

The South China Morning Post. 11:00 AM EDT
19 Jul 2013

China Liberalizes Bank Lending Rates in Reform Push

Asia One. Singapore. 10:04 AM EDT

IMF Warns China Needs Urgent Economic Reforms

The New York Times. 03:18 PM EDT
15 Jul 2013

China's Slowing Growth Likely to Spur Reform Efforts

The Globe and Mail. Canada. 10:14 AM EDT
5 Jul 2013

Brazilian Leader Suffers Setbacks on Reforms

The New York Times. 10:58 AM EDT
2 Jul 2013

Troika Gives Greece Ultimatum on Reforms

Greek Reporter. 11:59 AM EDT
28 Jun 2013

The Illusion of Cuban Reform: Castro Strikes Out

The “reforms” Raúl Castro announced after taking over from his brother Fidel are as comical as they are tragic—a mixed bag of dumb ideas, self-dealing, and more of the same old repression.

Change by Attrition: The Revolution Dies Hard

As the Castro dynasty grows poorer and more desperate, look for the regime to pretend to reform while retaining its totalitarian grip on the tropical island’s politics and economy.

Argentina's High Court Clips Kirchner's Wings

Last week Argentina’s Supreme Court halted leftist President Kirchner’s efforts to expand executive power. After a decade of governing, the Kirchner family might be losing its grip.
18 Jun 2013

The Reform of China's Defense Economy

European Council on Foreign Relations. England. 09:55 AM EDT